This September L’Opéra, has come up with all new French menu. To celebrate the five years in Delhi/NCR, multiple award–winning Chef Amit Sinha have prepared over a dozen new or redesigned cakes and pastries. This is the very first authentic French pastry and bakery enterprise in India with 13 outlets. L’Opéra was born out of the longing of Laurent Samandari in 2008 for authentic French breads and pastries. The first L’Opéra outlet opened its doors in March 2011 in Khan Market, Delhi.

While launching the new cake and pastry line a special tasting was organised at the brand “Salon de Thé”, in Epicuria mall, Nehru Place. The new line includes several bites of heaven, which are not only delicious but crafted beautifully as well. A must try is the Safframel Tart, a caramel and saffron tart, which is a special blend of poached apple and salty caramel mousse. Another yummy spin to your mouth is the silky smooth Berrilla Delight, made with Vanilla and Wild Berries. Tropical Glutt0n free Pabana Mon Amour, made with banana, mango and passion fruit is one of the signatures. For coffee lovers, “the new Coffee Tart was like a solace to your senses, with its sablé biscuit and the irresistible nuttiness of the almond glaze.”

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L’Opéra’s array of pastries also includes the other ones launched on the day. Signatures like Paris Brest, Pabana Gateau Cake, Orange & Walnut cake, Nutty chocolate treat, CiffeeEclair, Chocolate Raspberry Tart, Chocolate Mille Feuille has made it to the “newly launched” list.

Co-Founder and Managing Director Laurent Samandarion, on the launch of new pastry line, said,“Our aptly named Royal Chocolate has always had a regal taste and look and feel; but Amit’s redesign takes it to another level.”

Sinha said, “Change is good”. “It gives me a sense, that, like with the seasons, there’s continuity but also a sense of purification and transformation.” He believes that L’Opéra’s mark of elegance and quality which can be revealed in more ways than one.

L’Opéra has now set a new trend in the Indian market for high-end bakery and desserts based on innovative ideas regarding quality, atmosphere and presentation. Residents of Delhi can now also enjoy culinary elements of French style. L’Opera exemplifies this French experience with ample seating space and impeccable attention to detail and brings the very best of France to India.



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