United Coffee House Rewind

Noida’s DLF Mall of India

Meal for two: Rs.1500 approx


United Group’s flagship restaurant, United Coffee House (UCH), has now spread its wings to the NCR region and is flying high in a casual, retro avatar in Noida’s DLF Mall of India. Rewind has kept the UCH nostalgia alive with English and Hindi 60’s classics playing in the background as you step into with friends or family for some of their signature dishes. The facade of the restaurant is open and inviting, allowing patrons to simply walk in casually. The retro victorian paneling and exposed bricks give primary finishes to the interiors and are interspersed with period graphics and artefacts. A combination of Victorian tiles and wood work make up the floors. 

The small and large sharing plates on the menu complement the casual feel of seating space at Rewind. Small sharing plates and large sharing plates exhibit a culture that Rewind wants to promote. There’s something for every group and for every individual too. While the small sharing plates give you an option to enjoy many dishes at a go without having to worry about getting too full or just a small portion of your favourite dish, they also attempt to connect to the younger patrons with their uniquely quirky presentations. Be it the coolers we ordered from their menu, titled ‘Ulta Seedha’—Saunth Papad Panna, the most refreshing summer drink you can  ask for,  served to us with the aam papad pulp hanging out of the porcelain glass mug—or the small sharing appetizer, Chicken Kursi Miyani, batter fried stuffed with chicken keema served in a colourful miniature wheelbarrow. Of special mention is their experiment with dips of various kinds. Besides the regular pudina dip which is served in most restaurants, their chilli plum dip that was served with cheese chilli wantons will leave you with a tingling sensation.

The large sharing plates are for bigger groups and promote group dining and are for those who want to opt for multiple gastronomical experiences at a go. Appetizers range from tikkas to Chinese finger food, and include a broad spectrum of dishes that tries to suit multiple cravings. We were pretty full by the end of a large sharing of non-vegetarian Chinjabi platter (an assortment of chilli garlic fish, crispy conjee lamb which was slightly overcooked, mutton seekh kebab, drums of heaven, chatpati murg tikka) and their signature dish, tomato fish. To top the savoury experience, we ordered for UCH-special Cona coffee which was served to us alongwith in-house special cookies. 

There is also an ‘All day breakfast’ section with multiple egg preparations, waffles, crepes to satiate your early-morning cravings and a desserts section that takes you on a nostalgic trip of all things good– Classic baked Alaska, Brulees, Sundaes, Gulab Bomb, and Apple Pie.

If this smart and subtle restro-bistro hasn’t tempted you enough yet, there is more news. Their open bar rolls out soon!  

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