It was practically 10 hours straight hedonistic frenzy at Ansal Plaza last weekend on both Saturday(4 March) as well as Sunday (5 March). Ansal Plaza, one of the oldest mall spaces with its own amphitheater, was the right choice for the venue of an event meant for those seeking pleasure in an arena that combines nostalgia and modern pleasures. So Delhi and GoBuzzinga put together a fiesta of sorts for the urban masses that always longs for surprises — Horn OK Please, the first ever Food truck festival in Delhi, was just the right kind of surprise.

The event, spread all over the amphitheater under fairy lights, brought out over 20 food trucks from Gurugram and the NCR. The food trucks spread out a plethora of options for the attendees to choose from, which included Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian and Street food. This wasn’t simply all, how can do you create frenzy in a crowd that is well fed? You offer them other pleasures. Bira had set up shop at the event and showcased some really appealing offers for the crowds that gathered, there was also sheesha being served in a whole assortment of flavors — to add the exotic flourish. The centre of the amphitheater had a stage set up for a wide range of artists, these included The CopyCats, Chizai, Kamakshi Khanna, Jordan Johnson, Shadow & Light and Sivana.

Given that all the above mentioned were brought together under strings of fairy lights it was bound to be sugar for the ants that seek sweet fun in Delhi. A massive gathering of people of all age groups showed up in pairs, crews and even all by their lonesome. The sound level was off the chart and what really mattered was how much one could possibly absorb. And well, it also gave people a reason to pretty themselves up and get out there.

“We only wished to bring together all the extravagant variety that NCR’s food trucks have to offer, for the first time right here in South Delhi.”

The founder of So Delhi, Digant Sharma, who was among the main organizers leading the whole event, in a conversation with Guardian 20, quite aptly put his objective in words, “We only wished to bring together all the extravagant variety that NCR’s food trucks have to offer, for the first time right here in South Delhi.” He pretty much achieved his target because on the long list of food trucks some really renowned ones were present: Doggy Style was on site with its authentic selection of hot dogs which included a fiery one called Raging Bull, The Lalit Food Truck Company put up a huge Italian, Mexican and American menu for those who looked for high quality pizzas, Something Saucy served up some seriously saucy nachos and fries, and Punjab Grill that satiated those who felt misplaced amongst intercontinental cuisines with flavorful street food inspired completely by India.

Aman and Ankru, who are the co-founders of Doggy Style, had much to share as well about their experience at the event, “Out of the many events that Doggy Style has been a part of, we have never witnessed such enthusiasm amongst the organisers and the attendees alike.  We loved every bit of the event, primarily because of the great turn out at our food truck. It was all in all an outstanding event and we look forward to many more of these.”

Food Trucks are a western creation which served for the need of having mobile canteen services for people. Even though the conception draws from the success of ice cream trucks, the food trucks all across the globe stand on their own abilities and offerings for their success. In India the challenge has been the fact that even if there are food trucks then most people aren’t aware of them or of what variety is available on wheels. Such an event, yet again a western concept and the event here in Ansal Plaza did follow similar patterns in design,  has enabled to bring the consumer in direct contact with what food trucks have to serve. This obviously is a winner since people long for weekends which surprise them and also it has created awareness among the mass, which can then help further the market for food trucks.

Horn Ok Please, the food truck festival, has done us all a great favor by bringing us in touch with this amazing sub-culture in the food industry. Food on wheels can be amazing, and so was proved by the food trucks present at the event. But what is of greater value here is that the urban mass has been introduced to something really fresh and pleasurable in the form of this evening, and like most people at the event said, they are waiting for more to happen. Probably what the organisers haven’t realised yet is the fact that they have set into motion a need among the mass for such exciting weekends with a perfect combination of all the good that one can have — this always leaves people wanting some more. 


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