From tantalizing flavours to mouth watering dishes — Zune, the restaurant at Piccadily Hotels, New Delhi recently launched its new Kashmiri menu. From extensive flavours to authentic ingredients and spices; it has been taken from the land of Kashmir for the guests here. Whipping up the menu according to the taste and preference of local guests of West Delhi; it is always a very challenging task for the hotels to prepare kashmiri food. It requires a proper chef and expertise.

The ambience of this restaurant is designed taking inspiration from traditional Kashmiri culture.

The speciality or the USP of Zune is  its “Wazwan” dish which is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine. The preparation of this dish is considered an art and is taken as pride in the Kashmiri culture. Almost all the dishes are meat-based, and use lamb or chicken. 

This multi-course meal includes seven dishes which must be included in the cuisine — tabakh maaz, rista (meatballs in a red, paprika-saffron-fennel spice gravy colored with dyer’s alkanet), mutton rogan josh, daniwal korma (lamb roasted with yoghurt, spices and onion puree, topped with coriander leaves), aab gosh (lamb chunks cooked with a fennel-based spice mixture, cardamom and partially evaporated milk), marchhwangan korma (chicken legs/thighs cooked in a spicy browned-onion sauce) and gushtaba (meatballs cooked in a spicy yoghurt gravy) The main course usually ends with gushtaba. Yogurt and chutney are served separately in small pots to accompany the meal.

 Another delight which this restaurant offers is its  “Kahwah” authentic Kashmiri tea which is made by boiling green tea leaves with saffron strands, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods and occasionally Kashmiri roses are added. Generally, it is served with sugar or honey and crushed nuts like almonds  or  walnuts. Traditionally, Kahwah is prepared in a copper kettle known as a samovar. It is often served in tiny, shallow cups served to guests or as part of a celebration dinner and saffron (kong) is added to it.

The restaurant’s interiors and atmosphere make it a perfect place for any guest, or group of family and friends, to dine at this place. The ambience of this restaurant is designed taking inspiration from the traditional Kashmiri culture, carpets, curtains, rugs, artefacts, etc. It matches with the theme of the place which is Kashmiri culture. 

Gaurav Bhagi  F&B Manager, Piccadily, New Delhi, said, “We have tried to create  a wow experience for all our guests. Zune, where Kashmiri cuisine served, is the best place to enjoy dinner in West Delhi district. We also serve three other very distinct cuisines through our other menu which is based on the Purani Dilli, Punjabi and local Delhi favourites.”

Zune, Piccadily Hotel, is located at Janakpuri District Centre Complex, New Delhi. A meal for two is for Rs 2000-2200 approx. 

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