The 12th edition of Culinary Art India, commenced with the participation of around 300 national level senior and apprentice chefs. Organised by Indian Culinary Forum, Hospitality First & ITPO, in association with the apex body & IFCA, it begun its five-day battle of the chefs. The fest was staged alongside Ahaar International Fair at Pragati Maidan. 

The primary objective is to upgrade the budding chefs to bring out their best specialised skills and creative talent to represent it among the general community. The 5-day event saw the culinary skills of chefs in Authentic Indian Regional Cuisine, Three Course Set Dinner Menu, Chocolate Mania, Artistic Pastry Showpiece and Fruit & Vegetable Carving, Plated Appetizers, Three Tier Wedding Cake, Artistic Bakery Showpiece, Contemporary Sushi Platter, Plated Desserts, Petit Fours & Pralines, Dress the cake and cocktails. This platform is for creating awareness about the profession of chefs and felicitate the achievers in this profession.

According to Chef Vinod Bhatti, Treasurer, Indian Culinary Forum, today every second person is a foodie and there are thousands of bloggers posting food pictures on social media network. So food has taken the first place as compared to any other thing.

Renowned Chefs from across India and abroad have also participated in the event as honorary Guests and Juries. Chef Willment Leong from Thailand presided as the Chairperson of the jury in this year’s competitions along with chefs from across India including Chef Abhiru Biswas (Mumbai), Chef Nilesh Limaya (Mumbai), Chef Mohan Krishnan (Chennai), Chef Boopesh Pichaimani (Chennai). 

One of the winners of the show, Chef Arun Kumar Sharma from Delhi has made a “lady terminator” out of 50Kg of chocolates, inspired from the movie “The Terminator”,  it took him one and half month to complete this giant piece.

Chef Davinder Kumar, President, Indian Culinary Forum said, “It gives me immense pleasure to announce the 12th Culinary Art India, a professional culinary challenge where chefs are given a platform to demonstrate their culinary skills as well as help them improve to meet international standards. I would like to assure all participants and member’s total transparency through structured rules, regulations, systems and a panel of WACS certified judges. ICF will constantly thrive to bring our fraternity closer and continue our commitment to encourage the betterment of the culinary profession in setting new benchmarks in the hospitality industry.”

Chef Vinod Bhatti concluded by saying, “The chefs are mathematicians, artists, they are the craftman who color the blank plate with different colorful dishes, melding all the aspects into one personality.”

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