54, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, New Delhi

Meal for two: Rs 1,400 plus taxes


Another exciting eatery in the heart of the capital, with some quirky vintage decor and a full-fledged desi bar, is the newly-opened, Café Southall. This place is sure to capture your attention. The restaurant is the brainchild of Priyank Sukhija, Anuj Pawra and Vaibhav Sachdev. 

Tucked away in Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, little farther from Connaught Place, Café Southall spread over 8,000 sq. ft. magnum in its size and look. This is a place where the restaurant changes its vibe and mood as it believes on the “we” the humans concept. So while in a day, one can enjoy the café and lunch menu; the night brings different experience with lounge mood. The place transforms the menu from day to night effortlessly. 

Not only this, the change is also visible in the lightning that goes from bright to dim lighted close to evening. The waiters will also be seen in different set of uniforms from day to night. It is an intimate destination to spend a quality time. This eating-house is putting an effort to serve some revolutionary changes in the gastronomic and nightlife trends of the city.

Now comes to the main affair—food. The menu offers you to choose from the authentic delicacies, youthful continental selection, nutritive salads, healthy soups, spicy Indian, Italian pizzas, mouth watering pastas and what not.

I had a selection of dishes and all of them were fabulous. Starting with the starters, Rajma Galouti and Mini Sliders, you can call it a desi burger. The kidney beans cooked in a traditional Indian gravy and shaped into discs was served with mini colourful buns and dips which was fascinating. And the taste was good. 

To accompany with food, I ordered a cocktail Gabru. Quite a funny name for a drink but it tasted quite good. A mix of whiskey, orange marmalade, ginger, fizz, the drink was addictive. So, I ended up repeating the order.

Now it’s time, for some non-veg. I ordered which was PeriPeri Chicken Popcorn. One can also go for chicken Keema Bhaji with Koshimbir salad.  Have you ever tried non-veg pav bhaji where bhaji is made of mutton curry (keema) if not, this is the place you must try on. Also, a hatke dish wish is highly recommended for non-veg lovers.

I also tried the assorted Bruschetta which was a trio Bruschetta served with three toppings— one with the tomato and pinenut, one with mushroom, corn and white sauce and the third with vegetables. I loved the one with mushrooms and corn in white sauce the most.

According to this summery weather, one can’t skip mocktails. So we tried some of them fruit punch, passion fruit and ginger punch which give you a little essence of ginger and an amazing experience of refreshment. 

In desserts, I had a hot chocolate Sundae—the melted chocolate mixed in vanilla ice cream. The foodie night was ended on a sweet note.

So get set to unfold the great experience in this dynamite way, which will surely offer you great experience. Cafe Southall is the destination for you.

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