For all the foodies out there, Ramzan is the best time to have delicious cuisines. In the holy month of Ramzan, Muslims around the world observe fasts ordained for the pious month. After abstaining for the food and drink during the day, the community gathers for lavish evening and feasts, ritually called Iftaar.

Iftaar welcomes the aroma of the succulent kebabs, fried paranthas dipped in mutton korma or chicken jahangiri, crispy snacks like matthi and namak-paare with a piping hot glass of chai or icy-cold flavoured milk — the list is never-ending. Beyond the meat love for biryani, kebab and haleem, Iftaar offers traditional sweetmeats of the season, like the enticing shahi tukda, a form of bread deep fried in pure ghee and dipped in thick cream and sugar syrup, or toothsome phirni, sheermal, and heavenly Khaljla, Pheni.

In the narrow alleys of Old Delhi, stories have been passed on for generations dating back to Mughals. However, the gratifying ones are those of culinary secrets hidden which make Old Delhi a foodie’s paradise, especially during Ramzan. For the holy month of luscious food varieties, gastronomic tours are organized across the narrow bustling lanes of the walled city by many individuals, explorers and tour guides for all the food lovers who are enthusiastic to experiment and savour the best of Ramzan feasts.

The walks take visitors in the hazy maze like streets of the old city for Iftaar and also offer midnight experience to participate in Sehri, a feast Muslims partake of before dawn and the beginning of their Roza. We bring you the most promising and exciting walks you should definitely join to enjoy Ramzan in its full glory.

Delhi food walk:

Taking Ramzaan celebrations to yet another level again this year, Delhi foodwalk is back with an amazing feast and cultural experience for the holy month of Ramzan.

Anubhav Sapra, founder of Delhi Food Walks says, “The Iftar starts at Jama Masjid. And then, the groups of participants go to various places of culinary significance to savour delicacies like pakodas, paneer jalebis, keema samosas, keema golis, shami kebabs, chicken tikkas, biryani, nihaari, phirni and shahi tukdam.”

Even Delhites haven’t got to explore much of Old Delhi, and usually land up only at Karim’s and Al Jawahar but Delhi foodwalk promises exploring fineness of food which becomes feast during the month of Ramzan. Sehri Walks will be organised for the last 2 weekends of Ramzan, where the walk is from 11 pm to 4 am. It starts from Chandni chowk and goes around Lal Kuwan and Jama Masjid. The team also places special orders in advance for special delicacies which go off the counter within an hour.

What:  Iftaar and Sehri walks (Meeting point: Chawri Bazaar Gate No. 3)

India city walks:

India city walks is back with its yearly tradition of organising special iftaar and Sehri walks. This year the venture is back with Shaam-e-Iftar and Sehri from 28 May to 25 June. Sachin Bansal, chief explorer of India city walks, says, “We organise these walks to celebrate interfaith dialogue and indulge in traditional festivities during Ramzan. The ultimate Iftaar experience: immersive, engaging and illuminating.” The food walks have private groups for 2-5 people as well as the larger groups with 15-20 people who are led by the explorers. Every Saturday and Sunday, Shaam-e-Iftar include a platter of traditional Vegetarian as well as Non-vegetarian delicacies and beverages, as the storytellers take you through the finer nuances of the rituals and traditions of Ramzan fasting and share the years old tales of the various Ramzan food delicacies at Matia Mahal. During Sehri walk, an entire city wakes up to gorge on a hearty meal that keeps the hunger pangs at bay. The dates for Sehri are 10, 11, 17, 18 and 24 June. The delicious food on menu for all the food enthusiasts includes yummy kebabs, delicious fried chicken, and exquisite paneer jalebi alongwith many other appetizing treats.

What:  Shaam-e-Iftar (Meeting point: Jama Masjid Gate No. 3)

Sehri walk (Meeting point: Jama Masjid Gate Number 1)

Zaaika-e-iftaar Purani Dilli ka includes a visit to the bulling-with-life bylanes of Old Delhi where you can relish an array of sumptuous vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters.

Delhi by foot:

Introducing its 7th year of Ramzaan celebrations, DelhiByFoot is back with Ramdaan Kareem! Ramit, co-founder and Food in Chief of DelhiByfoot says, “We walk into Mosque, along with hundreds of Muslims and we enjoy Iftaar. The idea is to break barriers between the communities on various issues to make people connect.

Zaaika-e-iftaar purani dilli ka includes a visit to the bulling-with-life bylanes of Old Delhi where you can relish an array of sumptuous vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters in the courtyard of Jama Masjid with many other Muslim bethrens. Iftaari sey sehri tak ki bahaar is a walk through the night to get a glimpse into how the areas of Old Delhi never sleep during Ramzan as the explorers lead the walk from the feasts of Iftaar and then go around in alleys of Delhi6 for a fantastic experience of joyous celebrations, lively colors and lights and festive gaiety of the people.

Interesting point here is that there are people from various religions who take part in the walk to enjoy the festival and understand the culture and explore the feasts available especially and only during the holy month of Ramzan.

 What:  Zaaika-e-iftaar purani dilli ka (Meeting point: Jama Masjid, Gate #3)

 Iftaari sey sehri tak ki bahaar (Meeting point: Chawri Bazar Metro Station, Exit Gate #3)

Jashn-e-ramzaan special experiences

Ramzan street food tour:

At the walk with Reality Tours and Travel, visit amazing vendors in Old Delhi and try the local specialties chole bature, dahi bhalla and aloo chat, as well as parathas, lassi and the very sweet and very delicious jalebis.

Most of these dishes are vegetarian but there’s also some very special meat dishes on the menu, from kebabs to tikkas, sheesksh to shammis, there’s something for everyone. As well as sampling the best of Delhi’s street food, you’ll also learn about Delhi’s historic “Walled City”, experience the hustle and bustle of narrow streets and make your way from place to place by rickshaw before making a well-deserved stop at the Jama Masjid.

However, most of the people joining this walk are usually foreigners who want to learn about the festive experience of holy month of Ramzan.

What: Delhi Ramzan Street Food Tour (Meeting point: Connaught Place, Gate 1 of CP metro station)

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