Biryani By Kilo

Noida, Delhi NCR

Meal for two: Rs 700 approx.


When some one talk about Biryani, first thing that come to my mind is its tempting aroma and taste. It’s hard for anyone to resist its mélange of fragrant rice, delicious pieces chicken or mutton along with many spices. From Lucknowi Nawabs to Bengal ke BabuMushai everyone loves Biryani. Perhaps this is the only food, which is widely accepted from all the regions in India. Therefore, different regions have different recipes—Lucknowni Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani or Kolkata Biryani.

However, finding authentic taste is getting a little difficult these days, especially in a city like Delhi. If you can’t go to Jama Masjid for Biryani and Kebabs then this is the perfect place from where you can order scrumptious Biryani and Kebabs. Biryani by Kilo is a only outlet promises to take you back to the age of royalty with these pot fulls of different Biryanis at your doorstep, comprising of authentic kuchi and pukki biryani prepared in individual earthen handis with the most fresh ingredients – the former, a culinary icon of Hyderabad and the latter a well-kept Lucknowi Royal secret.

Currently operating three kitchens in Delhi NCR, BBK claims to go back to the age of royalty with potfulls Biryanis with fresh ingredients, delivered at your doorstep.

We ordered Hyderabadi veg biryani, Kolkata chicken biryani, veg galuati kebab, chicken seekh kebab and ulta tawa paratha. The food was delivered much before their given time. Biryani’s was packed in earthen handis along with an earthen lamp to heat the Biryani. I loved the angeethi concept to give halki si aanch for 10 mins before having it.

So we started with Kolkata chicken biryani.  When I opened the upper covering of the pot, I was greeted with a wonderful aroma of spices. The masala is at the bottom, which needs to be tossed well with the rice, egg and chicken to get that authentic taste of Kolkata.The chicken pieces in the biryani were perfectly cooked, soft and melting in the mouth,and took my taste buds to heaven.

Hyderabadi veg Biryani was full of different seasonal vegetable and kadhe masale, which smelled good—was superb with rice cooked exactly how a kachi biryani should… full of flavours and was served with salanand raita which made it more delectable. Though, it was a little spicy.

Now its turn of kebab, chicken seekh kebab. They reminded me of the tunde kebab of Lucknow and just melted in our mouth. And the combination with ulta tawa paratha just made it out of the world. Galuati veg kebabs were sinful to taste.

We rediscovered the real heritage of our nation in love with its food and its timeless royal traditions. It’s time to indulge in an ancient blend of spices fused with culinary art. Place your order and have the amazing experience and sinful food delivered at your doorstep.

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