Spider Designs
Rs 1,499
Speakers and power banks are easily the most common portable devices today. This device, from Spider Designs, combines the two in a cylindrical body slightly taller than your phone, while also  functioning as a stand. The cylinder packs a 400 mAh battery that can power a phone and the in-built 3W speaker at the same time. The included cable splits into a 3.5 mm jack and an auxiliary cable. Another aux connector included in the package plugs into the phone and speaker, turning it into a stand while the music plays.


OSX, Windows, Linux
Gmail, Inbox, Thunderbird and Outlook are all popular email apps that have failed or disappointed us with their wonky functionality and usability. They seem like the ideal email client… until, that is, you find a feature that you want and the app doesn’t support it. N1 is working on making that problem a thing of the past. The open source app works with most mail services and gives you the option of installing new plugins to keep up with your never-ending demands. The app is still in testing phase, but you can sign up and receive an invite code to a mail client that’s not just functional but looks good at the same time.

HyperX Cloud Core

Kingston Technology
Rs 3,800
Kingston, the storage device company, has expanded its product line to include audio equipment as well. The HyperX Cloud Core is the latest pair of headphones in their stable. Red stitches line the headband of the black headphones. Thick memory foam ear-cups promise comfortable use, and the headphones have passive noise cancellation and detachable microphone suited for long nights of gaming.


Delhi Public Transport

Android app
Google Maps must have gathered tons of data on the daily commute of Delhi dwellers. An “experimental” new app from the Google Maps team brings all necessary information for public travel in the capital. The app doesn’t require internet access, so even if you’re out of coverage area, it will direct you to your destination. All bus and metro networks are listed with detailed instructions and timetables. When connected to the internet, the app also provides information on delays as well as other information.

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