Asus X550J

Price: Rs 69,999

Asus X550J is a laptop made for gamers. It’s a bit on the heavier side, but that’s the sacrifice you make when you decide to use a laptop as a gaming machine. It has a full HD 15 inch screen that is sharp and with just the right tint. But the real deal with this laptop is on the inside. A fourth generation i7 processor from Intel and 8 gigs of RAM ensure that games load and run smoothly. Just make sure you have access to a cooling pad or an AC room when playing games at the highest settings. The laptop comes with 1 TB of storage, ensuring that you don’t run out of space to add patches to your favourite game. The main component that sets this gaming laptop apart has to be the NVIDIA GeForce 850, which should handle most of the popular games with ease.

Asus has added additional features like the Super Hybrid Engine II technology that instantly resumes the PC from the Sleep mode. Also, when the power drops below 5%, it will automatically save the files in case you’re too busy completing that final Call of Duty level with unsaved documents open in the background. Besides these new features, Asus also throws in the SonicMaster Technology for impressive sound output and SmartGesture Technology for more intuitive multi-tasking on Windows 10, as well as some handy shortcuts. You also get a complementary mouse with the laptop.

As for its looks, you might want to get a skin for your laptop, though, if you plan to buy this model. We aren’t a fan of the design on its lid or the tone that continues on the inside. The laptop, despite packing in massive specs, is quite sleek, and that just might be the reason it shivers slightly when the hard disk goes into full spin. Overall, it can take care of your gaming needs on-the-go but is no gaming rig replacement by any standards. 

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