Nexían Chromebook

Rs 12,999

The Nexían Chromebook is a laptop that runs Chrome OS. Chrome OS is basically Google Chrome with a host of offline features. Working on a Chromebook without internet access means you’ll be restricted to the inbuilt tools for playing video, music and creating documents. And if you’re open to experimenting, the experience can be quite clean and zippy. Because the hardware isn’t running anything heavier than a browser, everything opens at the speed of clicks. We have failed to notice any lag so far. No issues with drivers or tools to run a particular format. The OS is a nutshell is pretty reliable. And no matter how many tabs you have open on your browser, it holds its ground.

If most of your work takes place on the web, a Chromebook would be perfect. But if your daily life requires use applications that haven’t made their way to Chrome OS yet, steer clear. For everything else, there is a suitable plugin, available on the Chrome Web Store. But when you’re connected to the internet, the Chromebook can even run Microsoft Office through Dropbox or OneDrive integration. And if working on Google Docs is acceptable, things are going to get a lot easier with 100 GB complementary storage on Google Drive (for two years) that you can redeem upon purchasing this device.

The 11.6 inch, 720p screen is a comfortable size. If you’re used to browsing the web on a tablet, it’ll still feel like an upgrade. The laptop rarely heats up, boasts a boot time of under 10 seconds and great battery life, and is really the perfect companion to go online if Chrome, VLC and Microsoft Office is all that you use in a day. This laptop also comes with a briefcase like handle that retracts back into the edges of this round pebble-like laptop.

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