Zoook Moto-69
Price: Rs 999

Women’s safety and security is one of the prime concerns that people dwell with these days, not just in India but globally. This situation has created a brand new market space, called self defense. Though overseas this space was created years several ago,  India too has become a big market in this area over the years.

Until a few years, few in India talked about learning kick boxing or some other form of martial arts. But today it’s a necessity. But not everyone can join institutes to pick up these forms of self defense. So, how are those who can’t learn these physical self defense tactics to defend themselves?  

Pepper sprays entered India a few years ago as several online shopping portals started marketing them. How well they were received is a question that still needs to be answered. However if a pepper spray is something you still can’t trust, a French company called Zoook has recently started selling its stun baton called Moto – 69 in India.

This so-called stun baton is something we, the followers of western movies and shows, know as tasers. It is a long black cylindrical torch like object, which doubles as a stun baton due to the presence of a few metallic teeth that propel a discharge of 9000 KV.  

The torch cum taser has another feature; a laser. Not the laser that you can use to chop off your assailants hands, but the little red dot we used to play with as kids. Now the company does not explain the purpose of this laser. I guess it’s to scare your attackers into thinking that you have a sniper rifle,  for it doesn’t seem to fulfill any other purpose.

So, it’s a cool rechargeable torch that charges in about five to six hours and lasts for several days. For the baton we have still has a bit of charge left, in spite of a lot of friend and self-tasing along with lighting up several dark corners of Delhi. The laser though was only used to irritate the dog and mind you it does the job really well.

As a security baton or a self defense instrument it does lack in a few departments. First it has a safety button at the base which needs to be switched on in case you need to tase someone. Now imagine you are walking down a dark alley and someone grabs you out of nowhere.

You quickly reach for your security baton and slam it into the attackers stomach (the company claims it can go through a 45mm thick layer of clothing) and slam the button but nothing happens and the pain you imparted the attacker by slamming four sharp metallic teeth in his stomach does nothing but further enrages him.

All this because you forgot about the safety button in the heat of the moment.  

Overall, if you don’t mind spending Rs. 999, it can be a cool purchase for the basic purpose of being a torch with the added benefit of tasing a few friends and maybe yourself after a few drinks. It is also a perfect toy to play with your pets, because for some apparent reason, animals ( we tried it with a dog, a cat and a cow too) really like to grab that tiny red dot the baton emits.      

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