F&D A180X

Price: rS 3,990


The A180X 2.1 is a powerful device but does not go over the top in the pursuit of excessive bass. Although with an output of 3900 W PMPO, the set of speakers is considerably more powerful than most other 2.1 sound system competitors. The bass is not overpowering, and manages to strike a good balance between power and sound clarity.

Unlike many speakers in this category, the A180X also features Bluetooth, and combines the size of the old-school speakers with relatively newer features such as a LED display, and an inbuilt radio. For a newbie, the buttons above the display will take some getting used to, but there are bigger problems than that. The buttons are not as responsive as one would desire and require hard-pressing. In these times of gadgets with touch screen displays everywhere, pressing a button can seem like quite a task.

Like most men who spend more than a few months at the gym, the speakers are unabashedly big and quite proud to be so. Due to its size, shifting it from room to room often leads to a fall or two. This may be a reflection on my speaker carrying abilities, but is also a clear indication of weight problems. It would be advisable to keep the speakers rooted to a specific location. Also, the speaker wires come across as slightly brittle and ill-equipped of holding the weight of a speaker in case one tries to catch a falling speaker using a wire. Although I understand that catching speakers is not what a wire is intended for, sturdy wires are always a bonus.

Considering that speakers keep getting smaller by the passing day, the A180X sticks to turf that F&D is best known for; the reliable and efficient but slightly bulky speakers .

The speakers will appeal to the homebody who has little interest in springing speakers on unsuspecting people at outdoor parties.

As far as looks go, the set is stylishly designed and is quite different from the standard simple box-like designs of other offerings from the company. All in all, a worthwhile purchase.


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