Evoxyz evotag

Price: Rs 1300


My father is a very different kind of a parent as he enjoyed Harry Potter more than us kids. He thought that responsibility is something that a kid needs to learn about from a very young age and in order to make us responsible like J.K Rowling, he got us a pet of our choice on our tenth birthdays.

While my elder brother opted for a dog, my sisters selected a hamster and a rabbit. But when it was my turn to choose I selected a tortoise for it seemed to be the easiest animal to manage with almost no responsibility attached to it.

Fourteen years later all my siblings’ pets are dead. Not because they were ill treated but because they lived their respected life spans, except for mine. Now the biggest problem with having a pet tortoise is that the little creature goes missing for days and then will be found somewhere under the bed or behind the gas cylinder or at times in the toilet.

So when it came to selecting a pet, I won with leaps and bounds. But when  it came to feeding the guy, I could never find him. Until I got an Evotag by Evoxyz Technologies, a unique device that helps one keep track of pets or keys or anything else that are prone to being misplaced.

The device works with a companion app installed on your smartphone. With the help of this app, you can place a call to that device which will make it buzz and help you locate it. Now this device does have other security features as well but since my pet tortoise was never attacked or kidnapped so won’t be able to comment on those.

The company claims that the device will immediately send an alert on your smartphone if it detects any security intrusion or foul play and can help you take selfies remotely (which I don’t think was needed for if you are a person who loses stuff easy and need this device to locate it I’m pretty sure every time you plan a selfie it will be lost somewhere with your keys).

It’s a tiny waterproof device which can be attached to a pet’s collar (or taped to his shell in my case). Now the Evotag app on my smartphone kept buzzing as my tortoise moved over the next few days with the alerts or notifications.

The plug-and-play device is easy to use and the app is really easy to comprehend so no you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to operate it. This makes it usable by people falling in all age groups.

So if like me you too have a pet tortoise that goes missing for days or end up misplacing your keys quite frequently and don’t mind spending Rs 1,300 you can go ahead and buy it off an e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. But if you choose to buy it for the alerts and plan to put it on your kids, I would advise against it



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