In a path-breaking innovation for the Indian cruise industry, TIRUN, the exclusive pioneer in India representative for Royal Caribbean Cruises, has launched a one-of-its-kind reality application for all cruise enthusiasts. The application allows users to virtually travel on a cruise through their smartphone. The app TirunVR offers tours of Royal Caribbean cruise ships, letting potential guests embark on virtual walkthroughs of staterooms, liner decks, and much more. The app gives cruise lovers almost the real idea of the splendours that they can experience while on board. Tirun VR app is a perfect replica of the on-board experience .

The app offers an authentic on board experience, complete with virtual art auctions, wine tasting, trying your luck at the casino, great entertainment shows, relaxing spa treatments, shopping, swimming, and much more. 

TIRUN chief executive, Ratna Chadha, elaborated on the app: “We are thrilled to launch this application for the cruise industry. Virtual reality has made its way into many specs of sales and marketing and it is our constant endeavour to popularise the concept of cruising in India by using this technology. By offering our distribution and potential customers a dekko of how magnificent the on-board experience really is, the application is sure to propel more and more customers to get abroad to relish the real deal on one of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships.”

The ground breaking virtual reality app is one more addition to the leading travel marketing company’s endeavour to constantly innovate the sales and advertising operations for cruise lines in all the major cities of the country. 

TIRUN chief operating officer, Varun Chadha, when asked the aim to launch the app, said, “The app gets people closer to the cruise experience. We want to make people aware that cruise offers more than just travelling. Many Indians have a fear of sea-sickness or concerns like, ‘Will Indian food be available on board?’ So we want to make them aware that our experience will not let you feel you are moving on the sea.

“The app is just a sneak peak of what we exactly have to offer on our cruise. Indians think that cruise vacation is very expensive; this perception we want to break. Cruise culture right now is more towards the west of the country. So our motive is to get the port itself in India which will make it easier for Indians to choose a cruise vacation. We want to give our customers one more reason to travel.”

In India, cruising is still considered a niche category by most . A majority of travellers are not quite aware of what a cruise vacation really has to offer, and this app may change that. 

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