One can’t be quite sure what to call Nvidia’s latest wonder – this joystick with a small screen, for all practical purposes is a gaming console, but so much more than that. Shield is a fascinating, easy-to-carry device where PC and mobile gaming converge. Built to facilitate Android and PC titles, it looks like the controllers commonly used up till the 90s, but thanks to a 720p display screen stuck on top, it transforms into a complete console in itself. Powered by their home-built powerful processor Tegra 4, and combined with its battery-saver core and energy-saving PRISM 2 technology, it delivers hours of gameplay on a single charge. It also comes equipped with a very effective sound system that is low frequency but powerful at the same time. Price


Mirrorless imaging gets better

Sony recently launched its newest range of imaging devices, the highlight of which is the DSC-RX1, a camera that combines the efficiency of a DSLR and the portability of a point-and-shoot device. It packs a 35mm full-frame sensor and an F2 fixed-focal lens into a body only slightly bigger than the run-of-the-mill digicams. It looks sleek with a matt finish and a rather vintage design, with a flash bulb that pops up and a big lens that harks back to designs of the 70s. This mirror-less camera comes equipped with a state-of-the-art Carl Zeiss lens, and has excellent ISO performance. Its battery life is not much to boast about – and charging can be done only with a USB cable – but this is practically the only weakness in an otherwise sound gadget. Price Rs. 1,79,990.


Keeping tabs on voice calls

Convergence is the key word of our times, and Simmtronics’ new tablet is faithful to this spirit. The X-801 is all that the Xpad was and more – by simply enabling GPRS connectivity and adding a dual-band GSM facilitation, the tablet now allows you to make voice calls. It allows you to make calls even on 2G connectivity, which in turn needs a SIM card. In addition, the tablet has a USB port, a rare addition in tablets, along with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Powered by Samsung Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0 and an 8 inch display screen, it serves as a powerful yet affordable device, making it rather desirable in this age of expensive brands. Price Rs. 8,499. 

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