The Income-Tax Department has alleged that Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Kumar Jain has purchased close to 200 bigha of agricultural land in the vicinity of Delhi’s unauthorised colonies in the last five years, through money laundering and unaccounted cash. This charge comes as part of the probe that the I-T Department has initiated into Jain’s alleged involvement in money laundering. The I-T Department, in its findings, has also claimed that Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party government’s attempt to regularise unauthorised colonies is linked to these plots bought by Jain.

The I-T report on this matter, which The Sunday Guardian has accessed, says, “After laundering of unaccounted cash and receipt of equivalent in amounts in cheques through hawala entry operator, more than 200 bigha of agricultural land were purchased in the names of companies controlled by Shri Jain in the vicinity of unorganized colonies during last five years.”

The report further states that “the above referred agricultural lands bought by the companies of Shri Jain are located in Karala, Auchandi, Nizampur, Budhanpur Majra, north & north-west area of Delhi in close vicinity of unauthorized colonies”.

Some of these plots were allegedly purchased by Jain as far back in December 2010 and March 2011, when the AAP did not exist. E-mails and text messages sent to Jain seeking his response to this report did not elicit any replies.

The I-T Department also alleges, “Effort of the AAP Government to regularize unauthorized colonies is linked with investment in agricultural lands by Shri Jain (who is an important minister in the Government) in close vicinity of unauthorized colonies. The proposed regularization of unauthorized colonies will convert these agricultural lands into residential/commercial land, which will provide 2 to 4 time returns to companies controlled by Shri Jain. In other words, the object of regularization of unauthorized colonies is not to help poor but to enrich ministers of the AAP Government.”

The 200-bigha plot, which was bought for close to Rs 27.69 crore, was purchased by M/S Paryas Info Solutions Pvt Limited, Indo Metal Impex Pvt Limited, Manglayatan Projects Pvt Limited and Akinchan Developers Pvt Limited, all of which are controlled by Jain. These plots were purchased in and around the villages of Karala, Nizampur, Budhanpur Majra and Ochandi.

These companies, as per the I-T report, had received hawala entries totalling to Rs 16.39 crore from 56 paper companies of three hawala entry operators located in Kolkata—Jivendra Mishra, Abhishek Chokhani and Rajendra Bansal—between 2010 and 2016.

“The scrutiny of returns of income of these companies has revealed that nature of these hawala entries were disclosed as share application money along with share premium in the books of account of these companies”, reads the report.

The report further states: “Interrogation of hawala entry operators, Jivendra Mishra and Shri Rajendra Bansal has revealed the following important facts:

“Shri Jeevendra Mishra was engaged in the business of providing accommodation entries through paper/shell companies controlled and managed by him in form of share capital or unsecured loan to beneficiaries in lieu of cash payment and commission in cash to Shri Mishra and the statement of Shri Mishra was further corroborated with material facts that None of shell/paper companies were engaged any disclosed business activity except for providing accommodation entries.”

“Jivendra Mishra deposed that accommodation entries were provided to M/s Indo Metallmpex Private Limited, M/s Paryas Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd., M/s Mangalyatan Projects Ltd. and M/s Akinchan Developers Private Limited during the AY 2011-12 through his paper/ shell companies”, reads the report.