Q. How did you become a model?

A. I was in seventh grade in school when I started following Gladrags (a magazine that features modeling and other related events). I was highly inspired by the models featured, and had made my mind to win the Gladrags title myself. I completed my graduation in pharmacy and right after that, I started working on myself. I prepared for the auditions for over eight months and did all that was required to win the pageant.

Q. What advice would you give to youngsters who want to go for modeling?

A . The most important thing that is noticed at auditions is the participants’ confidence. You just need to be who you are. You need to rid your ego. The real journey starts once you win the title, because from there on you have to maintain the dignity of the title you have earned. Also, the basic requirement for the pageant is that the participants’ heights should be 5’11’’ or 6 feet.

Q. What did your parents think of you being a model. Were they supportive?

A. My parents didn’t want me to become a model; I did my graduation in pharmacy and they wanted me to do something related to that. But I couldn’t leave my dream unfulfilled. Whether I won or lost, I wanted to see what really happened in the industry. I could not have lived with the regret of abandoning it all together when I could have been a model. So I worked hard won Gladrags 2013.  It was a dream come true. My parents are now happy with my career choice and are happy with me.

Q. How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion or photo shoot?

A. The first shoot of my life was exciting and an unforgettable experience. It was dazzling because all the lights and eyes were on me. The only thing you have to avoid is overconfidence; the feeling that you are the best in the industry. You need to learn from your mistakes and experiences and work on them to grow.

Q. How will you define success?

A.I believe that when you like something wholeheartedly, then all the forces in the universe get together to help you achieve it. And you get it. Also, only thinking about your dreams would not land you anywhere; you need to work hard for your dreams.

Q. Who was your role model as a child and how did that help in being a model?

A. I do not have any role model as such, but I used to follow Rahul Dev as I liked his personality and body type. I used to admire him a lot for his hairstyle too.

Q. What beauty products do you use?

A. I don’t use any beauty products as such. I workout daily, eat healthy, and avoid oily and junk food. All this helps me look fit and keeps my skin glowing .It is only some times that I use face cleansers, but I do not use them in excess. I believe that beauty comes from within and you need to eat healthy and exercise for a healthy look.


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