Aren’t you bored of playing Candy Crush on your tinny tiny mobile phones, or playing that old and monotonous Spider Solitaire on your computer screens? It is time to step out of that virtual world, grab your sports shoes and pull up your socks to have some real fun. Gaming is always more fun is you have the chance also to socialise. Numerous games are now available in the market that can actually help you do just that. Laser Tag is one of those recreational activities that fits the bill.

People who are looking for fun with friends look forward to games like paint ball, bowling, dodge ball and many more but here is good news for them, bubble football is another  fun game that is added to this list now. The game is a recreation of the original football game that entraps you into a zorb like bubble covering your upper body and head. You have to possess The Flash’s swiftness and Mr. Fantastic’s machinations to outdo your opponent. This is a fascinating game that attempts to entertain all age groups from toddlers to teenagers and even to adults. It will keep you bouncing and rolling with excitement till the very end.

Another one is laser tag! The same game we have seen Barney Stinson and Robin of  one of the most loved American Television shows How I Met Your Mother play . Oh My Game, a gaming centre in Gurgaon is all set to thrill the gamers with a unique space-themed laser tag arena, real state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge laser tag tech and ultimate equipment. This game beats all with its fun and innovative way of putting your body into physical exercising, which also helps in getting rid of some extra kilos.

Moreover, not just that, the game helps you with eye-hands coordination and even in functioning of the holy grail of muscles—your heart.

Spaced-themed Laser Tag Arena

Survey conducted by Oh My Game gives credit to the growing acceptance of laser tag as a fitness alternative, “Majority of our customers said that they play laser tag for a good cardio workout. A game of laser tag can burn 200-500 calories”, said Aakritti Sethi, founder of Oh My Game.

Games like these, not only give you an enjoyable cardio workout but also keeps you on your toes which helps you to boost up your agility and alertness. Increasing stamina, concentration power and releasing stress is something everyone is looking for in the gyms nowadays. The whole body movements and triggered adrenaline by playing is what we have long lost in today’s complex lifestyle. Not just the kids but the adults too have become couch potatoes and immediately need to do away with  this grumpy and lazy style of living. There is much more to this world than tapping fingers on your screen to entertain yourself. Coming together and getting to spend some quality time is another benefit that you get after coming out of your houses to actually have fun and socialise.

“It really was an amazing experience for me. It gives a quirky and fun way of workout along with letting you enjoy some good family time. People should opt for it and visit this place especially on weekends with family and friends.” said Lokesh Bais, a visitor at Oh My Game.

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