It was difficult to get back to the life of ordinary and the mundane back in Delhi after spending a couple of days in a small village Dhela amidst an idyllic environ at the Himalayan foothills, with the winding Kosi for refreshing company. The constant chirp of the birds, the swaying paddy in the endless fields, one cannot but feel the luxury of paradise as compared to the dust and grime of the clockwork metro. This serenely picturesque campsite is a perfect escape destination far removed from the noisy, polluted hustle-bustle of a chaotic city. For quite some time now, I for one was looking to do something exactly like this, and hence decidedly headed to check in at The Golden Tusk, a resort that nestles among the Jim Corbett National Park.

Roughly around an hour and a half from Ramnagar Railway Station, The Golden Tusk is a welcome expanse of comfort relaxability, a too-good-to-be-true ambient amidst the flora and fauna of the Corbett. Spread over seven acres, one finds ubiquitous greenery, migratory birds and small pond lotuses near the rooms. The stay also lets you feel implanted in city of sorts, where one is allowed to cover a certain distance only by either walking or cycling.

Along with the fully furnished tents there are a variety in terms of rooms for the guests. With different names like villa grande, tiger suit, forest view suits  and the like, depending upon the size, the rooms have one feature in common—that of huge windows opening up to an invitingly beautiful landscape on the outside. With shrubs waving at you, the sunlight creeps slowly into your room like a child waiting to be caressed, and in return gives you all the warmth you long for. And you while reclined on a chair,  watch this blissful play of light. 

Within the premises of the resort, the restaurant present offers sumptuous food. Along with the popular dishes, the brightly lit restaurant also serves regional Kumaoni food prepared with utmost enthusiasm adding zing to the local flavour. The mustard infused kumaoni raita thus came to be a favourite of mine. 

Those wanting to experience a new dine style can opt for water dining too! In this unique service, the staff, in our case, Ganesh Chand Pande, meticulously arranged a table for us in the inviting cool waters of the pool. For that candle-lit meal guests step into the water and walk towards the table set in the pool. The water is just below the knee. Odd yes, but eventually you get used to the little motion of the water and don’t wish to leave this setting even as you hear the cry of the jackal from among the inhabitants of the Corbett jungle. 

Featuring a luxurious spa and gym facilities, there is additionally a recreation room that houses a number of games including snooker and chess. 

Those scouting for an adrenaline high can avail of The Golden Tusk’s outdoor possibilities like bungee jumping, wall climbing, rappelling and so on. 

The resort recently played gracious host to delegates attending the Kumaoni Literary Festival, providing a dining experience perfect to the palette and consequently marking itself as the perfect abode to accommodate a large gathering. 

The return to the station, with the mountain wind in my tresses, the pleasant glinting sun in my eyes, gave me the comforting feel that it is sometimes indeed a good idea to leave your mails unanswered, and postpone some of the routine assignments, all for a slice of heaven.

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