Imagine yourself sitting in an open area, enjoying open fields with a tractor to drive you around. What’s so special about this one property, you would ask? After all it’s akin to all Punjab heartland?! But it becomes special when you take into account the fact that the scene described happens to be in the vaunted ambience of WelcomHeritage Hotels Ranjit Villas, which is among of the newest properties of the group. It offers a rare ambience and also boasts being the first “farm stay” property of WelcomHeritage.

Speaking to the Guardian 20, Sunil Gupta, CEO of the WelcomHeritage Group said that there they were delighted to have a property like Ranjit Villas. “I am very happy to announce that Ranjit Villas is our 33rd destination across the country.  We are proud to be associated with Ranjit Villas as our partners in Amritsar.  They (RanjitVillas) confirm to our standards when it comes to hospitality.”  

Gupta also feels that the collaboration between WelcomHeritage and Ranjit Villas is a perfect combination of rustic Indian feel and the country’s renowned hospitality. “We are extremely happy with this collaboration as at WelcomHeritage we are committed towards promoting Indian culture and heritage; and Ranjit Villas is a beautiful boutique property which is a reflection of Indian hospitality and inheritance. Also, it is first Farm-Stay property of WelcomHeritage, and so it brings along a perfect amalgamation of rustic feel and Indian hospitality and the rich heritage of the country”.

Ranjit Villas has been recognised over the time for delivering a unique flavour of hospitality that offers world-class refinement while remaining deeply rooted in its Indian Punjabi heritage.

Giving further details, Gupta elaborated that Ranjit Villas come under the concept of Nature Resort. Explaining the idea of Nature Resort, he said,” When we mention Nature, we wanted to identify a property which had something to do with the local branding of Amritsar. We had been on the lookout for such a property for some time and I am quite happy that we found what we were looking for in Ranjit Villa.”

The villa is developed   and approved by the Punjab Heritage and Tourism under its farm tourism scheme.  It provides the ideal meaning of “Punjabiyat” and showcases the rich Punjabi culture. The space currently has 22 executive rooms and 2 suites.

On his part, Vikram Singh Makhani, owner of Ranjit Villas said, “Our culture is one that empowers every individual to be his or her best, and such authentic connection inspires the way we care for each other and for our guests” he said.

Makhani further added that designing the villa was a unique experience. 

“The design of the farmhouse is cosy and romantic, boasting beautiful handcrafted furnishings inspired by the traditions of our culture. Every detail has been crafted with time, patience and love resulting in an exquisitely unique accommodation,” he said. 

He also said that Ranjit Villas would serve a large range of food—from local to international cuisines.  “Unlike many hotels who offer high range, limited gourmet, we at Ranjit Villas offer anything from street food to the most exquisite food. We also believe in making our guest feel at home and also a sense of belonging to us,” he added. 

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