India’s dairy consumption is at an all time high. As of 2014, the country ranks first in milk production, accounting for 18.5% of world’s dairy. The success is a result of the integrated co-operative system of milk collection. Everyday milk is collected from a whopping 2 lakh villages in the country. After which it is processed and distributed to you. Convenient, but the downside is undeniable.

A supply chain this large is hard to manage. Because the milk is procured from multiple small dairies, there is no way to tell if it came from healthy, well-treated animals. Besides studies have revealed that over 68% of milk in India do not conform to standards laid down by food regulators. Even more alarmingly, it was found to be adulterated with substances hazardous to human health. These include detergent, caustic soda, refined oil and even white paint. This makes one wonder, is there any way at all to find milk that is healthy for sure?

The answer lies in the traditional ways. There was a time when people knew exactly where the milk they drank came from. It was usually from their own backyard or a neighbour’s. The cows were treated like family and not instruments of mass production. The milk was pure, unadulterated and very importantly, from a happy cow. Whyte Farms, a dairy on the outskirts of Alwar, Rajasthan has decided to bring back those good old days to Delhi NCR.

Taking a step away from the aggregator model, Whyte Farms is a completely integrated dairy farm. Arguably one of the most technologically advanced dairies in India, they own agricultural lands for fodder, state of the art barns, fully automated milking parlor, chilling units, pasteurisation unit, packaging line, cold stores as well as their own cold-chain delivery vans and bikes for home delivery.

“We have all that it takes to grow goodness. We are a self sufficient, sustainable, high tech organic farm because we believe in growing food the way it ought to be grown, naturally and whole heartedly,” says Kanika Yadav the co-founder of Whyte Farms. Her manifesto includes no use of preservatives or adulterants, organic insecticide free fodder, no use of antibiotics or hormonal steroids and most of all, a good life for the cows.

Spread over 30 acres of land, Whyte Farms is home to 130 cows and has a capacity of 500 and more. Its state-of-the-art-facility is a cattle haven with luxuries such as climate controllers, massage brushes, cleanliness tools and amplespace. They are fed with fodder made especially for them at the farm itself. They even have special cow mattresses and imported sand which gives them maximum comfort when they want to lounge around.

At Whyte Farms the milking and packaging process is fully mechanised, hence completely hygienic. They are certified by International organization for standardization (ISO) and also licensed by Food Safety and Standards of India. And they deliver fresh milk to you, within hours of milking.

So, if you want to make sure the milk you drink is fresh and healthy, its time for you to try Whyte Farms. And if all of this sounds too good to believe, you could even plan a trip to their farm. They are always happy to have visitors over.

Find them at or by calling at 1800 123 6455. Whyte Farms has just launched their homegrown Ghee as well. Their milk comes in beautiful, recyclable bottles that can be ordered online easily. The brand is also available at retail stores such as Le Marche, Modern Bazaar & Foodhall.

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