With the looks it’s clear that TVS is targeting the youth with the Ntorq 125. The Moto scooter avatar has been adopted and from all angles the scooter does look very sporty. There’s a dual tone colour theme that’s followed all over the scooter including on the mudguards. The scooter also gets LED lamps both on the front and the rear. Feature list also is quite long and notable amongst these is a kill switch, USB charging as well as external fuel filling. The unique exhaust note is also something that contributes to the appealing design. The storage is decent and it’s unrealistic to expect a full face helmet to fit in there. Features like these are missing from most scooters currently being sold in the market.


TVS is calling the Ntorq India’s first connected scooter. A special app has been developed which connects to the scooter and provides a host of options including bluetooth connectivity that also provides navigation assist. The App also notes down the last parked location, records top speeds along with lap times. And you can also see who’s calling you in case you want to pull over and receive the call. And it displays your phone’s battery strength as well. When you’re ready for the ride and put the ignition key on, a helmet sign is displayed to remind you of safe riding.

Riding modes

There are different riding modes on the scooter namely Street, Sport and Ride Stats. The performance does not change with change in modes but the amount of information that trickles in increases. When on the track like I was at the TVS facility in Hosur, a switch to sport mode helped. The mode amongst other  things records acceleration figures, lap times as well as top speeds and all the date is transferred to the app, which for the time being is only available on play store.


The 125cc engine is quite peppy as it gives a maximum power of 9.4 PS and peak torque of 10.5 Nm. The CVT gearbox ensures decent acceleration but at some points you do feel that the pick-up can be a little quicker. But having said that this one in considerably quicker than the other TVS scooter in town, the Jupiter. The mill is refined and the vibrations are kept at bay. Overall the TVS racing pedigree is on display here in all its glory. Don’t forget this scooter is coming from a maker who has been winning scooter racing championships constantly.


The wide 12 inch wheels really do a lot of good to the Ntorq 125. It handles like a beauty and taking the curves even at high speeds gives the rider a lot of confidence. The suspension is stiff enough to maintain a good balance between a comfortable ride and still ensure sporty characteristics. The telescopic on the front and the monoshock on the rear do their job well. Overall the scooter is a good balance between ride and handling. Attributes like ground clearance and off-road riding and were put on test as well. Another little track in the facility gave us a sense on how the scooter will maneuver in city traffic especially the turning radius. The Ntorq did take quite well to all these challenges.


One of the best things about the Ntorq 125 is its price which has been kept at Rs. 58,750 rupees (ex-showroom). TVS has put focus on safety as well and the scooter has only been launched with a front disc brake. A lot of 125cc scooters are going to hit the market soon and it will be difficult for them to beat the Ntorq more so when it comes to design and features. Performance comparisons of course will have to wait.

Shams Naqvi is an anchor/producer for the News X motor show Living Cars


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