Q. When did you come up with the label and what inspired it?

A.  Malasa was born in 2014. We wanted to create something that is chic with an elegant and subtle modern twist to the traditional wear for weddings and that is what inspired us to give birth to Malasa. Malasa is known for beautiful, flattering cuts and their effective gold sequence and beadwork, focusing on ultra-luxurious aesthetic designs with dramatic details.

Q. Working as a team is always good, but do you ever have a difference of opinion while working together? If yes, how do you come to an agreement?

A. Yes, since we are a team of mother and daughter, we always have a difference of opinion in terms of the design, the fabric. But we are open to each other’s visions and always blend our ideas together. I think that works really well for us: collaborating and blending different ideas to form a classic garment. Different opinions lead to various ideas while brainstorming, and clashing opinions usually results in giving us brilliant options.

Q. Silhouettes and delicate embellishments make your signature style. What difference do you think these two can make to any apparel?

A. It makes great difference since it provides deep detailing to any outfit. It enhances the garment showcasing its aesthetic designs and cuts. Classic and opulent silhouettes in luxe fabrics covered with intricate embroideries showcase fearless, bold, noticeable, and yet eternally feminine nature of the woman.

From the Malasa collection.

Q. Have you ever come across a span of low creativity? If yes, how do you deal with it? Also, from where do you draw inspiration for your collections?

A. I don’t think we have ever had a low creative spell so far. We are always buzzing with ideas as we are continuously inspired by nature, architecture and our rich heritage. Our heritage is so vast that it amuses us when we create our designs, so falling short of creativity is not what we have faced. We try catering to both Indian and contemporary sensibilities of women of all age. The garments are feminine and petite which will be loved by modern women.

Q. What is the most challenging part of designing Indian wear, and Western wear? How do you tackle that?

A. Both are equally challenging. To create something unique and classic. Being up to date with fashion trends, what a customer is eyeing for in terms of designs is the most important thing. Once you know what is in demand, you can create designs as per that which will guarantee work. We mostly combine Indian wear with a taste of Western culture and also cater to women of all age. And looking at the trend, one is eyeing for Indo-Western attire these days, more than simply going either Indian or Western.

Q. Do you think accessorising your outfit appropriately is as important as picking the right outfit? Which are the must-have accessories for women who prefer Indian wear?

A. Accessories are an important aspect of the entire look. I feel one can let their personality come through with how they put their complete look together. Personally I feel, less is more appealing. I would recommend investing in classic jewellery pieces as it gives a classic touch to any Indian look. Must-have jewellery could be long-drop kundan earrings, danglers, terracotta earrings, studs, chandeliers and tear-drop earrings, circular earrings and hoops. It’s better to make a style statement with earrings than accessorising it over the top. Or one can pick simple kada or small bracelet to go with any Indian wear.

Q. You have made outfits for many celebs. How has your experience been so far?

A. I haven’t worked with them personally. It’s always through the stylists but it was always like a challenge to put up with their style. It was worth experiencing and we would definitely love to design for more celebrities. I think it will be a great experience since each celeb has his or her own style of carrying an outfit. So matching up to that will definitely be worth the wait.

Q. What are your current favourite designs both in ethnic and Western wear?

A. Currently, I love the entire tassel and fringe look, and the fluidity the outfits get with the fringes both in traditional as well as Western wear. Also, how pastel colours are gearing up for the fashion industry and how the designers are playing it well with colours has also got me excited. The asymmetric hem, crop top and dhoti, mix and match of Indo-Western attire, jacket with ghagra, are really catching our, and everyone’s, eye.

Q. What advice would you like to give to the young designers who are looking forward to making their mark in the fashion world?

A. There is so much emerging talent and untapped potential in the fashion industry. So my advice would be to not give up and keep pursuing your dreams. You can achieve all your dreams if you set your mind to it. Start from basics, it will help you grow big. Aim for the top but start from the bottom—that’s how one can succeed. There’s no shortcut to success and in an industry like fashion, you need to work smart than hard to build your name.

Q. What vision do you have for Malasa? Where do you intend to take the brand?

A. I would like to take Malasa to the next level. We would like to be a part of many different fashion weeks. We have been a part Bridal Asia Week but we definitely aim for other major fashion weeks catering to the international market.

Q. Tell us about the projects you are currently working on.

A. Currently, we are developing our new line which is inspired by our recent travels which focus on handwork designs. The kind of detailing we want for our new collection will enhance through handwork, by weaving in small details, which has been our inspiration for each piece that we are designing.

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