When an automaker decides to enter a new segment it always is a very bold move especially if it’s an indigenous car maker like Tata motors. The Zica is their newest bet in the crowded Indian small car space. A slew of products targeting the mass market end of the Indian car space have come in the last year and a half. A new premium hatch, a new sub 4 metre sedan, an automatic small car and now this one the Zica. A process started by the Zest and Bolt will have to be carried forward by the Zica to make sure both the brand as well this new hatch are able to stay relevant in the mass market space. If you’re wondering what Zica means it is an acronym for a Zippy car and that’s what Tata wants you to believe this car is.

Of what we’ve seen in recent tata cars like the Bolt and Zest and also now with the Zica design has been a big focus point for Tata motors. And the fact that inputs in design have come from three different places India, Italy and UK points to the fact that a lot of effort has been put in to make this car look good and that has worked because the Zica does look very appealing. The smiling grille, the bumper, the bonnet and the headlamps have been designed to give a very sporty look. And then you come to the profile of the car and from the front to rear the car looks sporty especially those arrow shaped door handles and the twin colour ORVMs that have indicators housed in them. On the rear too there’s a spoiler that’s there for functionality as well as looks and those edgy tail lamps that also give an aggressive stance. Overall the car looks sporty from all around and that is not really seen in this small car segment and this is surely going to work well for the brand. Now that’s coming a long way from the likes of a Sumo or Indica.

The Zica looks equally attractive while on the move. It stands out owing to its great design. Both petrol and diesel options are there on the Zica though there’s no AMT for now unlike some other Tata cars.

There’s a combination of 5 colors on inside the Zica. There’s black and grey on the dash as well as a hint of piano black on the infotainment system. Piano black also finds some space on door handles. Plus there’s chrome on door openers and also on a few switches. And finally side AC vents are surrounded by the exterior colour of the car. All these make the interiors very vibrant. The seats are nice and comfortable and they hug you well. There’s a seatbelt warning sign and the driver’s seat can be adjusted for height. Tata motors has worked in great detail in giving you small and big 22 storage spaces in the cabin for all the phones and other utilities. Some other utilities that you will like and are almost like novelties for the segment is smart usage of navigation and music playing applications. The next gen infotainment system is developed by Harman something unheard of in small cars. This system combines well with a specially built navigation app called turn by turn on your smart phone to provide seamless navigation. This app takes priority over playing music when there’s time to give any direction. Similarly the Juke car application ensures multiple devices can be connected together and music can be played one after another in form of a playlist. Adjustable headrests and a chilled glove box are also welcome additions inside the Zica. The design, the feel, the ergonomics are all top notch and that just means that you will spend quality time while being inside the car.

The Zica looks equally attractive while on the move. It stands out owing to its great design. Both petrol and diesel options are there on the Zica though there’s no AMT for now unlike some other Tata cars. Petrol is a 1.2 litre 85 PS Revotron and Diesel is a 70 PS 1 litre Revotorq. Mileage not being revealed but because the cars come with two different driving modes (City and Eco) means these cars will be fuel efficient. But there is a considerable difference between the way the petrol and diesel motors drive. Though both are 3 cylinder, despite being less powerful, the diesel is zippier of the two and gives a more pleasing drive. Though the gearshifts are seamless with both the motors the diesel motor does feel more refined. Tata motors claim that NVH levels have reduced on the Zica also sounds truer for the Diesel more than the petrol. Also the peak torque on the Diesel comes in much earlier and all these factors make this motor anything but sluggish. In a sense the name Zica suits the Diesel car more.

Ride & Handling
Both weigh just over a 1000 kgs means weight is just about adequate for these engines. That also means that both in terms of ride quality and mileage the car will perform well. It also handles pretty well. Tata wants to be one up on competition when it comes to everything and that is why safety also is paramount for the company here. The Zica boasts of dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors and corner stability control. And that just means that like a good student Tata has got all bases covered before it takes the difficult exam.

Zica is a brave and honest attempt to make a car in this very competitive segment and Tata needs to be appreciated for that. It’s a great car takes care of you in terms of comfort,  convenience, looks and features and I must say if you’re looking for a car in this segment Zica definitely has to be there on your option list.

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