Dastkar welcomes you to The Winter Mela 2015, the International Festival of people and products from Mountains of the world curated by the Mountain Partnership Initiative in association with the Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation — for the first time ever in Delhi with 25 producer-groups from all over the world.

One of the popular celebration of handi-crafted products, it is showcasing textiles, crafts, hand-knitted woollens, rugs and safe foods like fruit preserves, spices, herbs, beverages, chamomile tea, coffee, honey and quinoa.  The aim is to promote the mountain products that can help in improving the subsistence, also boosting the economies. The initiative is aimed at promoting mountain products that can help improve livelihoods and boost mountain economies in a viable manner.

Celebrating together mountain produce from Afghanistan, Altai Republic, Bolivia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Tajikistan, and the Indian Himalayan Region the Dastkar promises to offer a melange of crafts and cultures.

Some key highlights of the bazaar will be traditional Bodo weaving textiles from Assam.

Some key highlights of the bazaar will be traditional bodo weaving textiles from Assam, warm woolen shawls, stoles, jackets and scarves from Himachal Pradesh. A colourful variety of Felt Namda carpets with a range of patterns from Kashmir. Handmade Wicker-work baskets, boxes and more for your home from Jammu and Kashmir and many more.

You can also have herbal and organic healthcare and beauty products, delicious cuisines from across Bengal, Kashmir, Himachal, Maharashtra and Rajasthan this month, lively cultural performances, a fun Christmas Special evening with display of cum sale of books, picture and mountain products by the Mountain Partnership initiative at Nature Bazaar Exhibition Gallery.

The event has already begun on 17 December, and would continue till 27 December.

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