Wine therapy happens to be the latest discovery in a burgeoning wellness market. The market offers a range of therapies nowadays, each unique in itself and each has a benefit of its own . Wine therapy, as they say, “exploits the benefits of grape marc, grape must, grape seeds and wine”.

In accordance to several researches available online, wine grapes are the perfect fruit extracts, if we consider conditioning, due to high concentration of antioxidants, especially polyphenols and resveratol.

According to several historic records and scriptures, wine has been used as an antiseptic and a sedative to counter depression, hypertension, gout and rheumatism for centuries. It is said that Julius Caesar recommended wine to his troops in order to increase their strength and prevent dysentery. While several recent studies also suggest that the compound resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes, might have important anti-aging properties.

After learning  a great deal about this new kind of treatment whose demand strted picking up sometime in 2008,  giving it a try was a must.

So, an appointment was set for a three-hour session of vinotherapy with the Woo spa at the Pullman Hotel in Aerocity, New Delhi.

A day at the spa is always relaxing; no matter how long your session lasts. The soft ambient lighting, light instrumental music and the tranquil calm of the space are enough to relax your mind long before your treatment even begins.

After a grape juice and a bit of paperwork, the therapy  began with a warm foot wash while the masseuse went about pressing the pressure points on my scalp and shoulders. The after effects of this routine, which must have lasted for hardly a few minutes, are something that  you need to experience for yourself.

The therapy at Woo spa has four stages: first, is the foot wash that is something almost all spas starts off with these days, followed by full body massage with grape seed oil, which in turn is followed by a full body scrub with grape seeds, wine and several other ingredients which the masseuse did mention, but my mind was way too relaxed to

The therapy is done in a cool, dimly lit room, with soft soothing musical notes in the background and the fragrance of lavender in the air. The ambiance, the massage and scrub are enough to take away all your worries and heart aches. The calm and relaxed environment puts you in a state of equanimity, you feel almost as if you are asleep while you are actually awake. No thoughts rush through your mind and the feeling lasts for the entire period of the therapy, which is three hours long.    

“Several of our clients doze off during the sessions, as the entire environment and the treatment are designed to give the mind and body a peaceful getaway,” said Kim after the therapy, my masseuse that afternoon. “We generally get foreign tourists who opt for the vinotherapy, from that too women form the biggest number but lately the walk-ins have increased quite a lot,” Kim further added.

The therapy is not only relaxing but the positives of wine makes it all the more rewarding as it helps in fighting  skin aging, also replenishes the oxidants that the skin looses due to the heat and dust we brave on a daily basis. So if spending between Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 is something that you can afford, do give vinotherapy a try. 


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