When renowned actress Angelina Jolie talked about her double mastectomy publicly, it became news but it also became a way to talk about the increasing risks of breast cancer among women. The actor’s revelation has helped in public understanding about cancer treatment worldwide because for quite a long time women were shying away from this disease. 

As October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign titled  EveryWear, the Yoga and active wear brand, has joined hands with Cheers to Life Foundation (CTLF), a Delhi-based charity that is committed to ending Cancer. EveryWear has developed a limited edition “Pink Ribbon” sports bra and a chunk of the profits will be donated as charity.

Since breast cancer is preventable, detectable and treatable, by launching the ‘Pink Ribbon’ bra, EveryWear and Cheers to Life are hoping it will get women to talk about the disease, encourage them to have checkups on a regular basis and publicly show their support as it is estimated that 75,000 Indian women die from this illness each year.

To provide good quality, affordable seamless active wear, EveryWear passionately believes that Indian women want and deserve to wear light, functional and fashionable clothing. The ‘Pink Ribbon’’ sports bra is promoting about being healthy, exercising regularly and looking after one’s health. A good chunk of the proceeds from each bra sold will go towards the sterling work of CTLF. CTLF is not only offering workshops on breast cancer awareness but also providing support, counselling and financial aid to women who are struggling to pay for medical treatment —  which in many cases can be crippling for their families.

“Every eighth Indian woman is at risk of getting Breast Cancer and its risk factors remain unknown to many — posing a real challenge for prevention and early detection.​ The ‘Pink Ribbon’ bra campaign will really help our cause.”

Talking about how a leisure brand can help in creating awareness about breast cancer to which Iqbal Nandra, the founder of EveryWear says, “As a brand, I believe running a business is not simply about making money but about making a difference. Our quest this October is very simple — to raise awareness, funds and increase the number of women going for checkups. We feel very strongly about breast cancer and really wanted to do something for ‘Pink October.’ We also feel that breast cancer is something we should all — not just women — talk about openly and not treat it as some sort of a taboo. As a yoga and active wear brand, we are all about Indian women being fitter and healthier and so we developed the ‘Pink Ribbon Bra.’ We want it to be a conversation piece. We want to raise funds and support the important work being done by CTLF.” 

Dimple Bawa who is the founder of Cheers to Life Foundation is also a cancer survivor. “I was diagnosed with cancer in April 2013 and that too at the age of 32. It was difficult but I had to accept it because I realised that I just can’t give up and I have to live for my family, most importantly I have to live for myself. I decided to make myself physically and mentally strong to fight the disease and face the side effects of the treatment. I started to educate myself about the different aspects of the disease and began to make lifestyle changes. It was showing positive results and even doctors acknowledged it.,” said Bawa.

She added, “I started meeting other people who were also battling with cancer and shared my best practices which benefited them as well. Then I decided to create a platform for all cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, doctors, where they could come together to talk, to support, to encourage and to inspire. It is a forum for anyone to ask and get answers, to initiate discussions, to help others fight this deadly disease. Hence, the birth of  Cheers to Life Foundation happened  which made people aware of the various aspects of the disease, by providing them information about the treatments available, and other supportive therapies.” 

EveryWear and Cheers to Life Foundation are aiming to share a range of advice, tips and resources to encourage action, inspiration and support, to promote health and wellness. Bawa believes that breast cancer could be defeated by awareness, prevention, healthy living and corrective nutrition. 

“Every 8th Indian woman is at the risk of getting Breast Cancer and its risk factors remain unknown to many — posing a real challenge for prevention and early detection.  The ‘Pink Ribbon’ bra campaign will really help our cause. With every rupee raised, we can inform more women, prevent more cancer patients. So I urge you to buy a bra and ‘Show Your Support’ against breast cancer,” she further added.

Moving towards making a difference in the society, Nandra says, “We certainly hope to do it. The campaign is called ‘Show Your Support’ and we want to encourage women to get tested today. We also want everyone to show their support to all those thousands of women battling the disease and undergoing painful treatment. We are working with over 30 top Indian fitness and fashion bloggers who are all committed to the campaign and will be sharing pictures of themselves in the ‘Pink Ribbon’ bra with millions of their followers. I hope it brings a good change!”  

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