Who doesn’t admire a toned and fit body? But one has to go through extreme hard work and patience in order to get that type of body, says Hollywood celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza. Having clients like Halle Berry and Jessica Alba who have managed to look same even post pregnancy, Braganza is one of the world’s leading celebrity fitness trainers.

Credited for their sleek look, Hollywood personalities like — Kate Beckinsale, Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, Scarlet Johansson and many more have been Braganza’s clients. She has also worked as Jessica Alba’s personal trainer for the last 12 years. 

Before working with Alba, she was a fitness contestant, gymnast, and National Football League cheerleader. “I have been a trainer for over 15 years growing my Ramona Braganza 3-2-1 Brand into training celebrities, turning them into books, DVDs, mobile gyms, retreats, and now I am coming with ‘MyHomeFitness by Ramona,’ “she tells Guardian 20.

Braganza is said to be responsible for getting new moms back into shape with her 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone program. Developed specifically for her clients Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Ashlee Simpson, this 12 -week postpartum program is a simple and effective workout to get back into shape.

“Before you begin your program, do your homework. Understand how much weight you can lose in a week.”

When asked how different and difficult is to shed kilos after pregnancy, the trainer says, “Pregnancy weight is no different from regular weight other than the fact that you must consider calories needed to ensure breast feeding. I recently helped singer Ashlee Simpson lose 50 pounds in 5 months post-pregnancy. It requires commitment, training and nutrition plan that is dedicated to shedding it off.”

Braganza believes that since each body is different, there are certain things which should be kept in mind. “While training clients I keep in mind their abilities. Everyone is different, they have specific goals strengths and weaknesses. I work closely to customize their fitness regimes and believe that personalization is the way to go to an enduring fitness regime. I also love trying out new things to keep it fresh!,” she says.

Having worked with Hollywood celebrities for years, Braganza thinks that now Indians are becoming as health conscious as in other countries.  She says, “I have seen a wonderful excitement when it comes to wanting more knowledge about fitness in India. I can see the eagerness to learn training tips and nutrition ideas that will help to lose weight and build muscles. I love the fact  that Marine drive is packed with morning exercise enthusiasts equal to the numbers I see on Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica California.”

According to Braganza, her idea of fitness is something one can do to improve their health in minimal time with minimal equipment. Making it easy to remain fit, Braganza has come up with her ‘Myhomefitness’ concept which is going to bring international standard fitness services for many an Indian who wishes to acquire the body type of Hollywood stars – several of whom have been trained by Ramona.

“I have collaborated with Sanghvi Brands to provide technology in an app along with the live support of fantastic trainers – all of whom I have personally trained to help you reach your goals. It requires minimal equipment and time. In just 10 minutes, my 3-2-1 training method with its elements of cardio circuit training core and flexibility will have you losing weight and/or building lean muscle,” she says.

Ramona suggests to be realistic with one’s weight loss goals. There are people who get discouraged when they are unable to lose weight. “Before you begin your program, do your homework. Understand how much weight you can lose in a week. Know how many calories you can consume and how many calories your workout will burn.”

Having trained many celebrities for their action films, Braganza has given training to celebs in a limited time span. She has trained Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds for Blade 3, and for X-Men 3, trained Halle Berry and Dania Ramirez. As one gets limited time to bring preferable results, she adds, “Time is a challenge as many clients I work with have deadlines to reach. However, they are highly focused and motivated. We can all reach a similar level of both if we set our minds to it.”

Advising both vegetarian and non-vegetarian eating people to stay fit, she concludes, “Whether one is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it’s simple maths to keep fit. You need to burn more than you consume, so either exercise more or eat less, a simple thing to do is to train for 10 minutes a day and reduce your plate by 1/3 the size.”


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