The Indian Luxury Expo (TILE) was a unique exhibition showcasing leading high-end brands across various lifestyle segments. TILE is a one of its kind platform in India that helps in connecting luxury brands with their target audience directly.

A wide assortment of luxury and affluent brands of global stature were exhibited recently ranging across various categories. The expo consisted of a highly esteemed advisory board of five people in every city where the event took placed and personally invited guests, which made it a perfect opportunity for networking. An initiate by TILE in a country where luxury brands are still struggling to optimally reach the target audience in such a huge population, it came as a platform to provide luxurious item to the customers. 

Speaking with Guardian 20, Karan Bhangay, founder, The Indian Luxury Expo, said, “The Indian Luxury Expo endeavors to bring the best of luxury brands and the connoisseurs under the same roof. We work on bringing a large portfolio of brands to the consumer who looks for premium products. Since 2012 we have been organizing the Luxury Expo in different cities where there is a demand for luxury. Initially, it was a task to enable, engage and entertain people and to make them understand luxury.”

Bhangay further added, “That the first event was held in Hyderabad in 2012 where 40 luxury brands from different categories curated under one roof like watches, cars, jewellery, home décor and others.” He added that the idea behind this expo is to provide a platform to all the luxury brands to reach their target audience and also provide customers touch and feel of the brands.”

It is at the forefront of booming luxury market is bringing brands and their audience together in an ideal mood of opulence, fun and shopping with an intelligently curated multi-city tour of India and abroad. Many clients don’t look beyond the expo to meet their marketing and shopping goals.

TILE will soon be launching its first, unique and luxurious online store, to provide its customers the ease of shopping for high-end brands sitting at home!

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