“I can change the world,” she said. But as soon as she said this, countless voices started to whisper in her ear. Some said, “Back down, you cannot do this,” whereas some said,“Yes, you will surely change the world.” Now, it was her problem, nay, her choice which voice to follow.

If she would give up, she knew she would end up like everyone else did, like her parents did and like her grandparents did before her. But, there was this tickle, deep inside her heart that told her that she wanted to be unique, to be recognised in this world.

“I want to be a warrior-princess,” she said. But, those voices again started to come back and this time they told her that what she wanted she can never conquer. But, this wasn’t enough to deter her, because she had this deep belief in her that when the world said she could not do anything, then she surely could. When the people said she wasn’t fit for a position, she knew she was more than capable, she was a perfect fit for it.

She wanted to live a hundred lives in this one life and enjoy her existence as a human being. She knew she could imagine wild things and no matter what anyone said, those things would come true. She had the power of questioning existence itself. To her this world was like a kaleidoscope that would shift its beautiful patterns to make a new pattern every day.

To her fairies were real, they awed her. She wanted to be one of them, wanted to live as a fairy and spread happiness. She was fierce like her mother, craving independence in everything she did and depending on nobody to take decisions for her. She was contented in doing these things herself.

I want to be like that girl. I want to live a hundred lives in my one life as a human. I want the world to recognise me. I want to cherish the fact that dreams, no matter how wild they are always come true. And, in the end, what I really want to do is be myself from within no matter how many lives I live.

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