RentOspace is a technology platform that enables users to zero-in on and rent unutilised office spaces in their area. The app is ideal for those looking to rent a place for the short term, for office meetings, workshops or seminars.

RentOspace acts like a bridge between those who have underutilised or unutilised office spaces, and potential tenants looking for something similar, for a few hours or days. The real estate developer Ujjwal Sarin is the founder of RentOspace. He struck upon the idea one day in mid-conversation with a friend of his, about how businessmen and professionals find it quite arduous, and expensive, to rent a conference room. Due to limited options available in the market, most people have to take the route of five-star hotels for this purpose, and their companies end up shelling out big money.

So Sarin came up with the idea of RentOspace, a tool that connects property owners to short-term tenants. It makes sense for both parties involved. The owner can make money out of whatever unutilised space they might have, while the tenant gets the cost-effective option of renting a section of the property for a limited time.

Property owners can at any time delist a space or add a new one to their profiles on RentOspace. For tenants, the app offers a GPS-powered rental grid, that shows available properties in the nearby area. The property search option also shows results filtered on the basis of location, Wi-Fi availability, etc.

This is a “quick-book app”, that works on the “book to your requirement” principle. In case a tenant wants to extend their short-term contract, they can directly contact the property owner through the app.

The USP of RentOspace is that it sets up a communication channel between the tenant and the owner, taking out the cost-intensive involvement of middlemen and agents.

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