Payal Bahal Chopra, artist and interior-cum-jewellery designer, talks to G20 about the intricacies of designing, her itch for jewellery, and how she manages her time during the lockdown.


Q. Can you enlighten our readers about your journey?

A. I grew up in a joint family. I was the youngest among four girls and jewellery would always amaze us. We would go through our mother’s and grandmother’s drawers and raid them. As I grew up, I realised I wanted to do something creative and artistic. I jumped into jewellery designing and gemology, which for me at the time seemed the most obvious choice. Design came into my life much later, with me doing up my own little corner dream house, in South Delhi. I realised I had a talent and passion for this art form.

Q. How does designing the Shop Windows in India feel like?

A. I don’t do too much of it as of yet. I have designed wherever my clients are willing to allow me to experiment and create spaces which define their brands and the innovation involved.

Q. How has the designing arena evolved in India since you started?

A. I feel that consumers want straight lines and clear open spaces. But what I try to give my clients is the journey that has unfolded in their life, meshing it with art, sculpture color, carpets and books to enhance their experience. Most of the clients want a lot of daylight streaming in and they also want it to blend with colors and hues. This has really evolved and become very popular and appealing. Another concept which has flown into India is penchant for intricate artworks in the closets— women like it especially.

Q. How do you balance your work, life and family space?

A. Before my daughter Siena was born, It was easy. Today I am taking things a bit easy, because of the lock down. I am, however, utilizing this period to re-invent my work and the way interiors for clients will evolve. I am looking forward to the new challenges that would unfold in the next part of my journey.