The shy pink of the dawn
rises from the midnight black
The yellow tendrils of the Sun
clamber up a deep blue sky
Watch the green mood of vegetation
The orange and the peppers
With different flavours on the tongue
See the red of the sun warmed strawberries
you feed me one by one
Your fingers and my lips
uniting in a pagan love story

See the warm silver of the Moon
Like a bangle warmed in a pullover
The cold orbs of the stars
Like earrings on a princess
See the indigo sky, with violet overtones
Settling for the night
Watch as the blinding white
of the midday sun declaring supremacy
Over all colours
See the joyful vibrant hues
You spread for my eyes

Yet see the black, the black, the black
Yes the jet black
dark, scented with flowers
not found on Earth
See the black
That even midnight is jealous of
Celebrate the black of your skin
Its satin texture

You come to me
and claim my attention
With the black that absorbs
all those seductive shades
Which are spread to hold me back
From that grand union
Of you and me. —Lakshmi Bayi