Richa Maheshwari, a Delhi-based fashion photographer, is a fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, TED X Speaker and an ardent traveller. She shares her life journey and goal with G20.

Q. How has been your journey so far?

A. Academically, I was very strong. It was a given that I would do management, but I always wanted to follow my passion, which was arts and fashion. So, I studied fashion communications. With so many options, fashion photography just fell into my lap. And I had my studio in place by the fourth year. Where other colleagues were struggling to get jobs and placements, I was sorted out. The only day I slept was the day of placements. It was not easy, for sure. I would do my assignments in the day time in college. And do my research in photography all night. From national and international photographers, I would seek advice and guidance. Even throughout my college I was a gold medallist. I topped all the centres in fashion communications.

Q. Share the challenges you faced with Richa Maheshwari Films & Photography.

A. The beginning was tough. All the established photographers felt I was a threat to them, because I was young and started freelancing at an early age. Thus, I had to face several challenges and develop my own style. This helped me in the long run. In the film genre we do social documentaries and corporate films. I have a couple of clients in Pakistan and Dubai. They are big players in the textile industry.

Q. Unusual has been the registering of your name in the Limca Book of World Records.

A. I was a petite child who only ate and studied in college. I was 48 kg before joining college and went up to 72 kg. After I finished my studies, I realised the importance of fitness. So, I became a fitness freak. For two years I attempted a world record in burpees. It was a challenging fitness exercise. The world record for a woman was 38 in a minute. I did 46 burpees in a minute. The feeling was incredible.

Q. Your philanthropy is well-known. What’s your association with the National Association for the Blind (NAB)?

A. Commercial projects are about clients and their needs. I decided I wanted to do personal projects of giving back to society as well. So, I have worked with SPCA, in Noida, the largest animal shelter in India. Then I have worked with Samarpan Foundation for destitute widows and orphans. I mixed fashion and photography for noble causes. With NAB, I have done a fashion show and a fashion calendar. It was an association that touched my heart. Now I am involved with them on a daily basis. I also teach them photography with point-and-shoot cameras. I bought them cameras, and the rest is history.