Launched in 2000, Beyond Designs is a luxury interior solutions brand, headquartered in Delhi. The brand is a brainchild of Sachin Gupta who, along with his wife Neha, has been working for years to promote his design philosophy and help create opulent and stylish interiors.

Beyond Designs launched its new flagship store in Mehrauli, Delhi, on 12 April. The store features Beyond Designs Home—its new accessory brand. The event also marked the brand’s entry into the hospitality sector, with the launch of Café We, in partnership with Varun Gupta.

Sachin Gupta told Guardian 20, “We started our commercial operations about 20 days back but today is our official launch and we are really excited. We have had Beyond Designs retail stores for almost eight years now. We had one in Defence Colony, which is basically the heart of luxury brands. But it was a small space as it was in the basement… Since Sultanpur is a hub of good national and international brands, whether for furniture or home accessories, I thought this was a perfect location for us. Moreover, here we have quite a large space, where we have a store for all home products and furniture. And on the other side we have Café We.”

The boutique offers furniture pieces that are embellished with exquisite materials like stone, mirror, metal, crystals, semi precious inlay, gold and silver leaf and so on. The collection highlights a fusion theme, wherein the style symbolises a perfect amalgam of old-world charm and contemporary finesse. About the store, Sachin said, “Our new store is an extension of our signature style. Our stores have always looked like this—a raw floor and raw ceiling, a bit of industrial-chic background, and the theme has always been very eclectic, formal, fusion and quite stylish.”

Specialising in luxury interior design and decoration, renowned designers and entrepreneurs Sachin and Neha’s iconic, neutral style has catered to many residents in Delhi. Their design philosophy is to keep it stylish yet simple. They also take inspiration from vintage trends to create a fusion that is contemporary and timeless.

According to Neha, “Customers today are well aware of the look they want for their homes and about what they wish to achieve with a particular style of furniture. We at Beyond Designs work towards translating their dreams into reality, by providing a wholesome experience that touches the soul.”

Their passion for design has led the power couple to take Beyond Designs ahead in the world of interiors, and to make a foray into the hospitality sector with Cafe We, a space where design meets food and art. Cafe We, a collaboration between Beyond Designs and Varun Gupta, is a contemporary space with classic influences, making it the perfect place to dine in style. The café specialises in world cuisine.

On the idea behind having a café adjacent to an interior décor store, Sachin said, “Introducing a café was a challenge for us as designers and as entrepreneurs. My wife Neha, who is also my partner, has wanted to do a café and an accessory store together for almost two years. And after some time we found a suitable partner Varun Gupta, as he has got an experience of 20 years in food. So bringing together a café and an accessory store is a new concept that we have come up with.”

Speaking about the vision behind the new flagship store, Sachin added, “It’s been a baby that has taken time to come up to this level. We have always had stores and businesses, but this flagship store was always a dream. We always wanted to do an accessory line which comes with a limited edition, a line that one cannot find in every other house. Therefore, curating it was a bit difficult. It took three years for us to put all this together. We are really happy that it has finally come out to be good.”

The brand also specialises in custom-made furniture and has an in-house unit dedicated to soft furnishing, glass and metalwork.

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