In a world of cars that largely likes to divide itself between SUVs and Sedans it is the Coupes that really stand out. More specifically the X brand of cars from BMW like the X6 and more recently the X4 are unique in ways more than one. The Sports activity Coupe by the looks of it feels like a good fit for Indian roads, but is it? We try to find out.


The quirky shape is at loudest when you look at the X4 from the profile. A lot of things really appeal be it the beautiful-looking alloys or the blue calipers inside them. The latter is the case as the X4 has come to India only in the M-sport version. The cladding too looks really nice and very unique with its dark grey theme and patterns. And with the chrome surrounds on window line along with the sloping roofline quirkiness and uniqueness all this car is about.  Since the X4 is not as humongous as the X6 it just feels the right size. You yourself will not feel intimidated by its dimensions.

The cladding in the BMW X4 too looks really nice and very unique with its dark grey theme and patterns.


An all-black theme welcomes you inside the X4. The red threading presents a nice contrast to the black dash and seats. It’s a familiar cabin if you’re used to BMW cars with the same high quality as well so the easy to use BMW iDrive Infotainment system. Quirky design on the AC vents and on the reading lamps up above make the X4 a part of the family yet exclusive in certain ways. Ergonomically the car scores well with good storage options all around especially in the first row.  It is a dashboard that is oriented towards the driver so that slight angle works really well for the driver as everything is within his reach.  Long list of features includes wireless charging, a well performing Harman Kardon sound system and a sunroof.  If you’ll buy the X4 for being on the second row this is a bit of a mixed bag. Yes you have climate control and good knee room but the thigh support isn’t very great and despite the fact of the seats can be reclined they still very upright which you may not like.


The good thing is that BMW has got the X4 to India with a lot of Indian options so a choice of buying this car will not be hampered due to lack of availability of a particular engine. There are 2 diesel and 1 petrol variants which is what we got to drive. It is a 4 cylinder, 2 litre engine and gives a good power of 252 PS and a decent talk figure of 350 Nm. This certainly isn’t the most powerful in this portfolio because the 30d diesel variant   gives more power at 265 HP and a very high torque of 620 Nm. The good thing is that both these cars share the same 8-speed automatic transmission and that really responds to your needs despite the fact that petrol is not as powerful as the diesel.  You can have a fun spirited drive in this free revving engine.

Ride & Handling

When you look at the dimensions of the X4 what you’re guaranteed is good handling. It has also become lighter and along with a longer wheelbase what you finally get are good dynamics. Its adept handling will enable you to throw it around corners while providing high speed stability. In this entire range from X3 all the way to X6, the X4 surely provides best dynamics. But where this car truly surprises you is the ride quality. The driving modes come in handy, the comfort mode along with adaptive suspension ensure that ride quality is impressive. It isn’t as stiff as you’d expect a beamer to be. The drive position is not as high as the X3 or the X5 but you still get a clear view of the road. The A-pillar doesn’t really obstruct the view which works well for the driver.


To buy the different variants of the BMW X4 you pay between Rs 60 lakh and Rs 65 lakh. That seems to be a decent price for what this car is offering you because it is exclusive and practical at the same time. It sits between the X3 and the X5 but surely stands out when you compare it against those two cars which are in fact pretty similar to each other. 

Shams Naqvi is an anchor/producer for the News X motor show Living Cars