Delhi-based Anisha Dutt of Zariya Healings is a certified healing practitioner and spiritual healing consultant, who works with different modalities including Angel Tarot card reading, SRT, Law of Attraction, Vedic Astrology, Knot Magick, Family Constellations, Akashic Records Reading, Herbal Magick, EFT, Reiki etc. 

This time last year, most people felt jubilant at having survived what they thought was a difficult year. And then 2021 came along and proved infinitely worse in many respects. We may not know what 2022 is likely to bring, but we can certainly prepare to face any hurdles it throws our way. How, you ask? By performing spiritual energy clearings. For those who believe in their power, these spiritual cleansing rituals work on one’s soul and energy fields to deal with overwhelming problems in people’s lives. Anything from major life transformations to serious health issues, the lack of a significant other, to seemingly haunted homes can be addressed through energy clearings.
Delhi-based Anisha Dutt of Zariya Healings is a certified healing practitioner and spiritual healing consultant, who works with different modalities including Angel Tarot card reading, SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), Law of Attraction, Vedic Astrology, Knot Magick, Family Constellations, Akashic Records Reading, Herbal Magick, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Life Coaching, Power Life Symbols and Switch Words, Candle Magick Therapy, Spell Casting, Bach Flower Remedy and Crystal Therapy.
“I act as a Zariya or medium – a mirror that reflects the inner light of people, helping them heal themselves. My energy clearings work with the higher self to identify blocks to healing and clear out negative energy patterns and beliefs that are strongly embedded into one’s soul,” Dutt explains as she joins the Sunday Guardian for a chat. Excerpts from an edited interview:
Q. This mystical realm is quite unfamiliar to most of us. Please describe your spiritual healing practice and the various services you offer in this sphere.
A. Yes, I’m aware it can seem hard to understand at first, but if one has faith, they are sure to experience the magic for themselves. I am a spiritual healing practitioner and I offer sessions for Akashic Recordings as well as Tarot readings. Mostly I work with distance healing in the form of Spiritual Response Therapy – which entails healing at the soul level – and Reiki.
Additionally, I also practice other forms of healing modalities including candle spells, human design profile readings which is quite a specialised service, astrology based clearings, special rituals, as well as tarot spells.
All clearings can be customised based on clients’ individual needs, depending on what they want to focus on – whether it is their career, health, relationships, visa issues, protection from Covid-19, mental health issues, or money trouble.
Q. How did you decide to enter this field?
A. I have a degree in International Studies from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, and I also work part time for a non-profit organisation. Despite my educational qualifications in other spheres, I felt drawn to the occult and knew I wanted to help people with my services.
Therefore, I trained in various modalities of spirit-based healing before beginning my practise. I am a certified SRT practitioner, and have a Level 3 certification in Reiki. I have also successfully completed courses on human design readings, life coaching, and astrology, among others. One can find all my certifications and services on my website
However, more than my education, it is the faith my clients have in me and my own faith that guides me in my practice.
Q. When did you first feel the call of spirituality? What has your journey been like?
A. I have always believed in higher powers since I was a teenager. But in my early 20s when I was struggling to make sense of all that was happening around me, my mentor said to me, “The universe takes you to darker places to spread the light.” It gave me solace at the time and that is when I found light in spirituality by starting Reiki and Tarot in 2012 and SRT in 2015.
I have learnt many life lessons and my healing journey has made me stronger and allowed me to face many challenges. I continue to grow every moment.
Q. Which is the most popular service you offer? Why do you feel it’s so popular?
A. The most popular service is definitely the Spiritual Response Therapy based ‘clearings’ of all kinds. However, lately, candle spells have also become popular. I feel the reason clearings are popular is because they facilitate the surrender to one’s higher self. Also, many times one can see instant results which really makes people believe in them.
The candle spells are popular because they give access to magic on powerful astrological vortexes and enhance the power of special spiritual days. They are also easy to carry out as they are based on simple intentions.
Q. What has been your most requested service since the pandemic began?
A. After the pandemic, health definitely became the major point of concern for most people, and it was closely followed by anxiety about personal finances. They are also interconnected because without financial abundance, it is difficult to take care of one’s health issues. I did a lot of clearings in these two fields. Apart from that, relationship healing and healing for mental peace also came up regularly.
Q. We would love to hear about a few recent client stories and testimonials of how you have helped people. Please share!
A. Miracles keep pouring in and clients reaffirm my faith in the healing powers of the divine.
Recently a client signed up for regular clearings for their business and told me they had the best two months till date, in terms of clientele and profits.
A client of mine recently got married to the love of her life – I remember when she met me a few years ago, their relationship wasn’t strong enough but her intention was always clear. Post clearings, it looks like she is now starting her new life.
Another client reminded me how when she visited me the first time she was in tears as she had lost her job, but she was reassured that clearings would help her. This was a few years ago, and many clearings later, she is well established in her career and very happy in her journey.
Yet another client received a lot of money that had been stuck for a while, after having a money clearing done, and today runs a successful business.
Post a space clearing, a client recovered his land that was taken over by goons and is now able to legally put it out on rent and get a big chunk every month as earnings.
There are of course many other instances! Divine timing is always at play – if you see this article or stumble upon it, maybe it is time to heal a certain aspect of your life? And indeed faith can move mountains, only a little is needed to change your life for the better! The best way to reach me is over WhatsApp: + 91-7042528897 or through email at
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