Café Delhi Heights is a place that truly celebrates the spirit of Delhi. It is a café with a modern vibe and lots of charm. With more than a dozen outlets  in Delhi-NCR, the brand has successfully established itself as one where three generations can come and dine together.

I recently visited the prominent café chain’s Cyber Hub outlet. The café is divided into two sections at this venue. As one enters, there is a casual café-like space—low seating with wooden benches, stools and quirky cushions. As one walks in further, a laidback booth seating area with curtains and individual LCDs is seen. Next to this section is the bar. Across the floor lies the open kitchen. So, the interiors of Cafe Delhi Heights pose a beautiful amalgamation of vibrant designs and seating arrangements.

As we sat down for our meal, they served us a basket full of assorted breads accompanied by a dip. It was fresh and tasted great. The welcome drink I was presented was Nimbu Anar Shikanjivi. In this drink, they have added a delicious and refreshing flare to the traditional preparation of Shikanji.

The extensiveness of the starters menu of the café leaves one astonished. We started with vegetarian and non-vegetarian Galouti Kebabs. They were soft, moist and full of flavours. Monster Chicken Lolipop was served to me next. It was crispy, perfectly cooked and had the right amount of spices. Chilli Garlic Prawns was next on my plate, which was quite savoury.

The inspiration for the brand’s food menu has been derived from various parts of the world. Yet, the Asian, Indian and Continental cuisines served here seem comfortingly familiar because of the personal twists incorporated by the chef. The eclectic mix of cuisines at the venue is really impressive. The beverage menu here offers options like freshly squeezed juice blends, healthy shakes, smoothies, traditional Delhi-style drinks and a variety of icy alcoholic beverages.

For the main course, I had their special Tawa Biryani paired with Raita. Being a biryani lover, I was looking forward to this dish the most. And the preparation certainly did not disappoint. The aroma had me dig in the moment the biryani was placed in front of me. It was very filling and delectable. If pizzas and burgers delight you, you will be spoiled for choice here.

We ended our meal with their bestselling desserts. The first one was Banoffie Pie, an English dessert, which was creamy and had a buttery biscuit base. The other was Motichoor Ladoo Cheesecake, a fusion dessert that hit the perfect note in both the taste and innovation dimensions. The creative touches in classic dishes definitely make the venue worth visiting. From community tables to bohemian-style café lounge, Cafe Delhi Heights is the perfect place to dine with friends and family.



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