Set in the heart of Delhi NCR, SXVIII, Radisson Blu MBD Noida is a perfect example of what we call a classy restaurant. Known for its luxurious ambiance and sumptuous food, SXVIII is a fine dining family restaurant. One of the beige-brown coloured walls with elegant scarlet pink curtains on huge windows draws your attention. One can see the green lush garden through the windows, providing a great view to gastronomes. The elegant lamps and chandeliers add more charm to the place. And SXVIII is just beside the lobby of the hotel which provides a good setting. The best part about this place is its music. When we visited SXVIII, live music was being played on piano and we were treated to Celine Dion’s songs.

The gastronomes are provided with two options—buffet and à la carte. Since it was a tiring day, we opted for à la carte. We started our evening with a soup called Basil Chicken Broth and Smoked Salmon. It was a good start. Moving on to the main course, the well-crafted menu offered Continental, North Indian, Italian, and Mediterranean food options. On recommendation, we ordered Italian pasta called Vegetable Lasagna. It was made from baked vegetables layered with tomato and creamy cheese sauce and mozzarella crust. Another was from the Indian cuisine called Shahi Gatte, a well known Rajasthani dish. It is basically chick-pea dumpling dipped in yoghurt and turmeric gravy. The menu also had a specific section for kids. It consisted entrees with quirky names like Pokemon—a toasted sandwich with peanut butter and jelly, Charlie Brown—fish nuggets served with tartare sauce, Jerry’s feast—macaroni with cheddar cheese were some of the best from the list.

Moving on to the last segment of our meal—desserts, they serve a huge variety of desserts ranging from typical Indian dishes like Gulab Jamun and Halwa to Italian options like Tiramisu. It was quite difficult for us to choose from so many options, so as per the recommendation from the chef, we were served with Crispy Green Apple Tart served with vanilla ice cream. Honey Walnut Tart with spiced cake and Litchi Caramel and Tiramisu Cioccolata, coffee flavoured mascarpone cheese mousse are definitely worth trying. I am sure even their tempting look will say a lot about the dishes.

Although, they do serve basic alcohol like champagne and wine, they do not have a specific bar menu or cocktail options. I guess if they could include a separate bar menu with a few good cocktail options. It would be a great step towards making it a wholesome dining experience. Overall, looking at the quality and quantity of food, the price is quite reasonable. Even hospitality of the place was up to mark. So if you are looking to treat your family or friends with amazing food and new experiences, SXVII is the best place to be.

SXVIII, Radisson Blu, Sector 18, Noida

Meal for Two: Rs 4,000

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