Address: Garden Galleria Mall, Noida

Meal for two: Rs 2,500 plus taxes


A new restaurant in Noida is becoming a favourite among those who like to have a grand dining experience. Located on the second floor of the Garden Galleria Mall in Noida, Spellbound boasts a large space. The area of the restaurant is 15,000 square feet, which includes 11,500 square feet ground area and 3,500 square feet terrace—all encompassing elegant décor. The interior décor of this restaurant gives you a pretty comfortable feeling. Elegant furniture, marble flooring, and beautiful wall décor, at times, during the meal makes you feel that you are in a magnificent banquet hall. People planning a huge party can think of this restaurant as a good option.

The rooftop of the restaurant is a nice addition in the venue. A perfect place for celebration, this restaurant, in the past, has brought many famous musicians to enthrall their visitors. Live music is a plus point if you are looking forward to enjoying a bit of good music with food.

But beyond the luxurious feel of the place, Spellbound also stands out in terms of its food. Celebrity chef Izzat Hussain has been appointed as the head chef of the restaurant who believes in taking the cooking to the best possible standard. His speciality lies in rearranging the authentic recipes of most diminishing Mughlai, Awadhi and Lakhnawi cuisine. His food techniques and the spices he uses while cooking make the meal delectable. The chef is known for cooking without using water, any artificial colours and without yoghurt. He has imbibed the various cooking techniques from veteran cooks and foodies of the royal families. The celebrity chef has been a part of many food shows and also draws his expertise from many seven-star restaurants where he has worked earlier in his career.

The recommended dishes in the restaurant are Paneer Qurma, Kaju Palak, Kathal Biryani, Chukander Paneer, Aam Chutney Tikka in the vegetarian section. Murgh Mewazad, Karhai Ghosht and Kebab Makhmali are the best ones in non-vegetarian section which are also recommended by head chef Hussain. The quantity of the food on your table is sumptuous and you don’t feel cheated as it happens in many high-end restaurants where the bill doesn’t really match the quantity of the food served.

My personal recommendation would be Kathal Biryani. The flavour of jackfruit in biryani makes the dish stand out.

One should not miss trying desserts from the restaurant. We tried the Badam Halwa at Spellbound which in itself is quite filling. The clear flavour of almonds in the sweet dish makes it quite flavourful.

Planning to spend your time and money on quality food and great ambience?

Look no futher than Spellbound.

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