Orza is a one stop destination for all foodies who are looking for a perfect evening with great food at a nice place. They serve an influenced Indian cuisine inspired from Iran, Oudh or Awadh and Kashmir—the regions whose cuisines have greatly influenced Indian food.

The interior design of the restaurant reflects modern Indian art. The colour of the furniture, the walls, the choice of hanging, all add up to make a perfect combination of modern art. One side of the wall is decorated with open shelves and the elements used to fill that space have been chosen in a tasteful manner. Objects like flower vase, kettle sets etc add to the overall look of Orza.

We visited the place at lunch time and were offered an amazing welcome drink. It was quite refreshing. The menu at Orza is loaded with mouth-watering dishes curated from different varieties of the Indian cuisine. What makes the place better is the twists in taste and presentation.

At first, we were struggling to pick a dish as the list was long enough and we got confused about what to choose. We started with Persian Sirazi salad—a combination of diced veggies and crisp lettuce with olive oil and lemon. Next, we ordered Chapli Kebab (Mutton)—stone grilled and flavoured with roasted coriander and sumac.

Our experimental dish from the evening was Tabak Mass—twice cooked lamb ribs braised with milk and ground spices and then browned in butter. We also ordered Rista—pounded lamb dumplings in spicy saffron flavoured gravy served with zuta.

We also ordered Pakki Biryani—fragrant rice layered with whole spice and yogurt cooked mutton, finished the traditional way with dum, garnished with mint, brown onion and saffron served with Yakhani. Last but not the least, we were served Apple Cake for dessert, which was garnished with caramelised apple and served with vanilla ice-cream.

The presentations of the dishes were more than enough to tempt us to eat more. The food was delicious and the quantity was enough for us. One should definitely try Chapli Kebab, Kandhari Mutton, Berry Pulao and Biryani Rub at Orza.

Orza has played with the flavours to make our homegrown cuisine a part of their own food culture. They have also reset and redesigned the dishes to offer something new and inspiring to the diners.

The calm ambience of the restaurant sets the ideal mood for having your food. Overall, the place is worth spending your time and money.  

Orza; B-105, Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi

Meal for Two: Rs 2, 000

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