This place is a pioneer in the café and lounge culture of Delhi and is known for serving the best of food and nightlife experience. After a successful run for many years, Q’BA thought of reinventing itself with the same mission of giving great food, drinks, service and experience. Q’BA Restaurant and Bar is centrally located in the heart of the capital’s busy and urbane junction, Connaught Place. It is an up market casual dining and is spread across 14,000 square feet inculcating two floors with a beautifully designed interior. The décor makes it an ideal place for a business lunch or just a casual meeting over food and drinks.

Q’BA is named after the shape of the bar, which is Q shaped. They serve everything from water to alcohol to even premium cigars. The best bit of the bar is the comfortable seating with options like sink-in sofas at the lounge-bar area, wooden benches with burlap cushion for outdoor seating, and traditional chairs and tables for a more formal dining.

Rooftop bar is another major highlight of this place. Sophisticated and stylish atmosphere surrounds the terrace which makes it one of the best in New Delhi. Magnificent views of the city skyline is visible from the long terrace which works equally well for a romantic date as it does for an evening of drinks with friends.

Food, unsurprisingly, has remained a salient feature in the success of Q’BA. Being a multi-cuisine global restaurant, they definitely leave no stone unturned to make sure that each dish coming out of the kitchen is a perfect blend of taste, portion, aroma and presentation. They serve all sorts of amazing dishes—right from refreshing soups, salads, dumplings, tacos, pizzas, Oriental and Thai appetizers, Italian style pastas, sandwiches, Thai coconuts curries, American burgers and what not. Catering to all kinds of palates, they stay true to the local flavours of every cuisine. Patrons can order all this under one roof.

We started our meal with Veg Mezze platter which had had Falafel, Paneer Sambousek, Feta Cheese Borek, Pita Bread, Babaganoush, Hummus, Tabouleh and Pickled Vegetables. Everything was perfectly made and my favourite item on the platter was Feta Cheese Borek.

Chicken Malai Tikka from the tandoor was a perfect companion for our drinks Cappriosta and Sex on the beach which were perfectly balanced cocktails. The chicken was well marinated and roasted to perfection, hence resulted in a tender creamy Tikka. Next we had Chicken Tikka Masala, which was spicy. The chicken was soft, and the masala gravy had well balanced spices. Perfect to go with Indian bread.

For vegetarians, the Thai curry with fragrant steamed rice can be chosen as a good option. Dal Makhani is highly recommended from the main course. It was delectable.

We ended the meal with Kulfi, Gulab Jamun and Brownie. The brownie was rich and delightful. Head to Q’BA for the best culinary experience.


Q’BA, E 42 & 43, inner circle Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Meal for two: Rs 2,000


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