The Great Kebab Factory (TGKF), a restaurant famous for its kebabs completed two decades in August. Marking its 20th year in the business, the restaurant has planned a celebration. Throughout August, the various outlets of the restaurant in Delhi-NCR, will be serving the best of its kebabs of the past 20 years. Along with the kebabs, the buffet menu will also include a few main course dishes and desserts.

Marking this special celebration, the menu is extensive. There are classics such as Galouti Kabab, Bharwan Pyaaza Tangri Kabab, and Amritsari Macchi in the menu. And then there are also lesser-known entrants like Subz Aur Paan Ke Kabab and Lal Mirch Ka Chooza.

We reviewed their Connaught Place outlet which is located on the second floor of Radisson Blu Marina hotel in G-Block. Here, along with the good food, visitors can also enjoy live ghazal renditions with orchestra.

Coming back to the food, the restaurant staying true to its name serves great kebabs. The kebabs are rich in flavours and are smooth on the palate. The Bharwan Pyaaza Tangri Kabab is juicy and emanates smoky flavours. The Amritsari Macchi is crispy on the outside with the right amount of softness within. In this food item, the texture could be easily felt. What I liked most about the kebabs was that they were served at just the right temperature, which allowed the food item to remain warm until I had the last morsel of every single piece. And I am talking about taking a good ten minutes to finish one kebab.

TGKF has made distinct additions in this special menu. The visitors can taste a tangy salad made using raw papaya, raw mango and peanuts. They can also have Tomato Chaat, Khatta-Meetha Chuski, Tomato Basil Shorba and Bhakhargani, which is a Kashmiri roti.

In the main course, it is advisable to skip the Biryani. The length of the rice is smaller as compared to those used in usual Biryanis and was also a little dry on the palate. But one can’t blame TGKF for this glitch as they are well-known for good kebabs and not the Biryani. One should not to skip the Paan Ice-cream at TGKF—it includes vanilla ice-cream whipped with betel leaves and gulkand, which makes for an excellent dessert. However, it is not an in-house preparation and is sourced from a vendor. But even the choice of its inclusion says a lot about the restaurant.

Bhawna Radhakrishnan, assistant marketing manager, TGKF, tells us about the five different menus they will be using on different days of August. “We have specially prepared five menus for the 20th year anniversary of the restaurant.  The ingredients such as chicken, mutton and fish would be constant in each menu, the differences will be in marination and serving style of every particular dish,” says Radhakrishnan.

So giving yourself a little break from the usual chai and pakora this rainy season and enjoying the taste of kebabs and shorba seems like a good idea.

The Great Kebab Factory; Radisson Blu Marina, Delhi; Meal for two: 2,600 plus taxes

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