Dimple Jangda, founder of Prana Ayurdeva, speaks to G20 about her uncanny journey and ventures, role of the Ayurvedic medicine, and the natural ways to boost the immunity.


Q. From Wall Street to India, can you enlighten our readers about your journey that culminated into the establishment of Prana Healthcare?

A. God has been kind, and life has been an adventure. I enjoyed several careers but the highest point of my career was banking in New York, I felt an emptiness I couldn’t fathom or wrap my head around. I returned to India and was on a travel sabbatical for a year travelling to 10 countries in 11 months—Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, Oxford, Zurich, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The 11th country I travelled to was India. I visited rural rustics and countryside of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, and discovered unconditional happiness. I wanted to bottle this happiness and sell for a living. And the closest solution I found was to sell preventive healthcare in a bottle. And thus Ayurveda happened. Started in Nov 2017, we have a team of doctors Therapists, professors, Who have now treated 1700+ patients from 45 different countries, and taught basics of Ayurveda for daily life and self-care to students from nearly 33 countries.

Share with us the role of PRANA/AURVEDYA and the pointers of implementations to focus on, which are imperative in the world order we are in?

There were several prejudices, biases in the minds of people against Ayurveda. There was a huge disconnect, a communication gap, language gap, and a gap in traditional healthcare knowledge and modern research-based science. I started to assist doctors to translate effectively first of all the concept of Ayurveda itself before advising medication or treatment process. We started conducting free seminars, workshops, educational events, using modern research reports to prove that colon is responsible for 90% of the diseases, and showing the connection to existing knowledge captured in the Vedic science. We published educational pamphlets and distributed over 2 lakhs in all areas. I spoke to anyone at the farmers market who was willing to listen. Slowly the expats started to come, and the Indians also followed. We had our first batch of Ayurveda students. 14 expats were from Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Brazil, France and Algeria. Sadly, none from India. That too changed… We now have youngsters as young as 16 years old from Queretaro, Mexico City, Brazil coming to us for internships in return for a scholarship to study.

Q. How does one prevent diseases by knowing your body in advance?

Just like how a car manufacturer makes 7-10 models of cars and one million units of each and shares a manual on what fuel to use (petrol/diesel / electric charge). Similarly, nature has made 7 prototypes or body constitutions ( Vata / Pitta / Kapha / Vata Pitta dual body / Vata Kapha / Pitta Kapha / Vata pitta Kapha Tridosha body). Each body type has a specific physical personality, Boyd symptoms, mind / emotional symptoms, and inclination towards a certain set of diseases based on the domination of elements.

Q. Amidst the pandemic, people are looking for substances to boost their immunity, can you share some recipes?

A. Please note some of these herbs are not recommended for pregnant women**

Neem leaves — make a paste of 50mgm and have an empty stomach.**

Phyllantus Niruri leaves are available in capsule form online and powder at Prana. Have it empty stomach every morning. Have breakfast after one hour. **

Chyawanprash — 1 tsp in the morning and evening followed by a glass of warm milk + turmeric.

Amala (Indian gooseberry). It has 1000x more vitamin C than lemons.

Guduchi – tablet or powder

Bramhi – tablet or powder. (Boil herbs in water to make tea or mix in ghee.**

Take ginger tea, dried ginger, or ginger chews, or fresh ginger. Take it before every meal to increase Agni, and thus increase your immunity.

Metabolism tea: boil cinnamon, cardamom, clove grated ginger, pepper, star anise, a pinch of turmeric and add lemon to boost immunity and metabolism.

Boil 1 tsp each of cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, 1 cardamom, and a pinch of ajwain in 500 ml water. Boil and bring to half and drink empty stomach and before meals.