In an exclusive conversation with G20, Seema Jindal, founder of Nourish Organics, talks about her endeavours and how she managed to be very successful in a short span of time. Excerpts:

Q. Would you please enlighten our readers about your journey and your endeavours?

A. I come from a business/political family background and a people’s person which helps me connect and understand people really well. I’ve always felt that this was something that I should bring to use for the benefit of society. I got an opportunity of heading the prestigious community of YFLO which helped me reach out to women and conduct programmes on domestic violence and other social issues, Something that impacts and helps society to grow positively. My personal experiences and circumstances in life. I joined the centre as a volunteer 30-35 years ago, right after getting married. I was extremely close to the founder who kept me like her own daughter, But due to her very untimely death, I had to take over the construction and running of this special school. Faced with a lot of challenges I garnered support from the family and the trustees to build a fabulous building, it is now a very successfully run project.

Q. You have been lucky to have been a go-getter to explore so many varied arenas & fascinating components of life.  Tell us more about the Nourish Organics.

A. Nourish Organics has had a long journey. They are constantly growing. They were not meeting target revenue, initially, as is required for a business to run without any losses.I was fond of machines and always wanted to manufacture something of my own. I wanted to do everything by myself from Sourcing and Designing to Packaging of my own products. At various junctures, I was given the unsolicited advice of shutting down the company due to the lack of revenue generation as per the targets set by my team, but constant messages and appreciation of the customers and the audience boosted my confidence in Nourish Organics and I continued on the path of slow and steady progress. And now, in 2020, Nourish Organics became the Official Breakfast Partner for IPL team, Delhi Capitals.

Q. How have you been able to build so swiftly & systematically the Nourish Organic brand? Share some of the successful strategy components.

A. One of the key factors responsible for the current growth of the company was the will to experiment and engage with various PR & social media agencies. In fact, every year, we have moved to a new agency, which has enabled us to explore different ideas and has, in turn, opened up an array of opportunities and strategies, like never before. I emphasise on the importance of being honest. I feel that adding a personal touch to the products is very important.