Ambika Sharma is the founder and Managing Director of Pulp Communications Pvt. She tells G20 about her journey, personal as well as professional.

Q. Can you share with our readers the ethos of Pulp Strategy?
A. When we started out in 2011, we had a very small portion related to digital. The business was around program management and the digital work was to support it. Because of the success and response we got from our clients, we decided to launch in 2012 digital as an independent offspring. Further, in 2015 we launched our rapid mobile application development platform called INSPAPPY, which is a subscription-based platform helping to enable small businesses to develop native applications without the need of a development team. Today INSPAPPY supports more than 100 languages and has clients in nearly 20 countries
Q. What are the strategies that you’ve been working on amidst the lockdown?
A. We have been actively working with clients from home without deliverables getting disrupted in any way. But our goal is to ensure that we are geared up to support sales and other initiatives during the next three months recovery processes for clients.
Q. Who are your major clients?
A. Avon, Tupperware, Samsung, Microsoft, Phillips, Bajaj, and Tech start-ups across the globe.
Q. Tell us about the innovative tools you are incorporating to insure seamless progress and economic growth.
A. Pulp Strategy has innovated with creative-tech for a leading cosmetics brand with visual programming & augmented reality to build interactive AR filters. It has seen resounding success and is powering impressive consumer generated content. The campaign brings with it a new achievement. The campaign brings alive the true purpose of colour and make-up while allowing consumers to try the latest colours and shades virtually via their smart phones.