Sonali Bhasin Kumar, a renowned healer and spiritual guide, spoke to G20 and shared some profound insights about his endeavours. Excerpts:
Q.  Your journey is unique. Would you share your story with our readers?   
A.   Thank you so much for such kind words, This surely is a path less travelled but, one which is definitely worth a visit. I was very inclined towards spirituality even as a child and I still remember teaching myself the Mahamrityunjay mantra on my own at the age of 8, at a time when no one else in my house knew it.
My journey started in true sense at the age of 19 when I did my first transformational program called “The Landmark forum” that taught me the art of non – judgement and holding grievances., post which I did ‘The Art of living with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and I got introduced to the Sudarshan Kriya. I read the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” and it completely transformed my life by drawing me to my master, Paramhans Yogananda. His presence and guidance made me realize what my true calling was, so I trained in other modalities such as heal your life as taught by the world renowned lecturer and teacher Louis Hay, which is for pain relief, Angel therapy , Switchwords, Angel card reading. I am an advanced theta healer and a strong believer of the powers of creator of all that is. I believe that we are all born healers and are intuitive. The power lies dormant inside all of us its one own block that stop us from reaching one highest potential.
Q. You delve in a lot of alternative Energy Healing modules, share with us some insights. 
A.  A few alternative energy healing modalities that I usually follow are angel therapy and card reading , switch words and energy circles, understanding and assimilation of spiritual laws of the universe making use of affirmations in order to replace negative blocks, Hopponoppon›o technique, of healing use of guided mediations to work on different areas of our lives practicing writing release letters for forgiving others and ourselves expressing gratitude for all the blessings  in our lives. Last but not least the most powerful technique that has given me the most clarity and sentence being the Theta Healing modality.
Q.  For a novice, for someone who is not versed in this realm, can you suggest some easy breezy techniques to incorporate & implement something similar?           
A. A few tips which I give everyone every now and then is firstly the technique of grounding. It’s a very powerful visualization wherein we visualize roots coming down & out of one foot and going down to the core of mother earth who in turn holds us firmly through the day. It is best done barefoot and is also known as “Earthing.”
Another tip I usually give is about cutting core & Attachment with people and situations who are sapping energies in turn affecting our physical, mental and auric space. It’s a very powerful visualization wherein we visualize cords with which we are connected to one another being cut by a sword so that we immediately detach from toxic person or situation. This can be done as many times in the day and as many times we feel the need.
Q. How beneficial have you found new-age energy healing practices in the journey of your life?
A. The various new age energy techniques and practices are very simple to understand and very easy to practice or follow.
Simple techniques that I have already spoken about such as grounding regular guided mediations use of forgiveness etc. that are mostly being used in different modalities are not difficult to understand and follow especially if I done under guidance of a good spiritual teacher / healer.
They have helped me create my own tribe of students of all ages who practice life transformational programs with me and enable their own journeys of change. I feel like healing modalities helped me revitalize, rejuvenate and change my worldview a full 180 degrees. I opened my venture, which in more ways than one justifies and perfectly sums up my relationship with healing, a venture which keeps me on the hustle and takes me to the next dimension, a venture I call, Ascension.