Classic blue has been named “Pantone Colour of the Year 2020”. The colour is lavish, rich, soothing and down-to-earth shade, depending on how one pairs it. This shade blends well on cotton, satin, wool and silk. It’s an opportunity for all décor enthusiasts to experiment with the most loved classic blue with exquisite patterns and tones like lemony yellow, hot pink or metallics such as chrome, copper, gold.
The colour classic blue influences everything—right from upholstery and fabric to furniture and accessories. This makes it immensely easy to integrate splashes of blue into interiors without overdoing the area. One must consider accessories of different shades of blue and place them strategically throughout the abode, pairing with other colours such as olive greens, gold, cognac, grey, walnut or white oak. Classic blue mixed with monochromatic textures and tones work wonders. Besides, one can include and experiment with accent rugs, end tables, decorative planters, paintings or pillows to add a pop of colour.

Colour trends don’t have to be confined to just décor or furniture; walls are equally important while creating an effective atmosphere. This year’s Pantone shade is rich and one must embrace it by painting one of the walls in this colour. If you’re not a fan of wall-paints, try accessorising the walls with blissful yet quirky wallpapers, ensuring an instant makeover. This time, opt for 3D wallpapers rather than a basic one and see your surroundings glowing.
Apart from portraying blue upholstery, rugs, and walls, one can style one’s house using blue-coloured décor accessories. Highlight the walls by styling it with quirky wall plates or hand-painted wall-painting masterpieces to enhance the visual appeal of any space. Use accent sculptures, bookends, vases, lamps, etc., to accentuate the appeal of your home interiors with the rich-coloured décor.
Nowadays, most homeowners not only opt for eco-friendly designs, but also want to feel at peace with the balance of colours in their homes. Therefore, it is always preferred to pair old with new and create an unconventional design. As blue is considered a regal, timeless and calm shade, one must incorporate this shade in the form of a signature couch paired with old furniture, or added as pops of coloured cushions. A fresh blue coat of paint could easily transform that unwanted old chair or dresser into your favourite new centrepiece. Pantone’s classic blue colour can be incorporated throughout a home. Here’s a list on the best ways to incorporate this stunning colour in your interiors.

For living room
Brighten up your living room with a splash of classic blue in upholstery, cushions, artefacts like blue pottery, or even a classic blue mid-century modern sofa placed against a bright white wall. Painting the walls blue combined with subtle or muted toned furniture and a statement blue rug brings an unexpected vibrant feeling to the room. Use pale and delicate blues paired with light coloured furniture, subtle drapery and statement accessories to create a soft elegant room. Aqua lamps and a toss pillow ground the room by breaking up the airiness of the subtle blue tones.

For bedroom
If you adore the idea of a classic bedroom, this colour is sure a timeless and classy modern tone. This shade offers the room a sense of calm, while the colour is deep enough to create a cosy feeling overall. Even a boho or retreat-style bedroom can use a touch of this colour that is sure to add a relaxing vibe to the space. One can style their bedroom with layerings as well. Classic blue throw blankets, pillows and rugs add a pop of colour to the background while a blue lampshade will help in setting the tone of the space. A classic blue chest of drawers or end table can also add a dash of vibrancy. And since blue is said to be a calming colour, it can be a great addition to the bedroom.

For kitchen
Classic blue cutlery and dishes can add just the right amount of style and panache to your kitchen. Add this timeless shade to the kitchen interiors, be it on the walls, décor pieces, tiles or even the cabinets and drawers. Kitchen cabinets in classic chic blue lend a voguish appeal when paired with neutral counters while tiling your floor in ultra-marine will give it a playful edge. We have already started seeing a rise in colour preferences with this shade making its way to the kitchen as accent colour, small appliances and décor pieces.

For bathroom
If you are done with a neutral-coloured bathroom, classic blue can be an ideal, bold accent colour pick. If one owns a white or beige bathroom, even plush décor in the shade can transform your bathroom into an absolute oasis. These inexpensive upgrades can be done any time. If you are thinking of a complete bathroom revamp in 2020, you can look at tiles and paint options in this hue, a classic and timeless option that is likely to never fade. An elegant blue painted vanity can also add character to your neutral bathroom.

The author is CEO and co-founder of Bent Chair.