Skincare and haircare is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Stories of previous generations always state home remedies for the best skincare and haircare products. At the same time, history has revealed the indulgences of these beauty rituals. But the times have changed.

Unfortunately, in this fast-paced life, home remedies aren’t enough for an effective skincare routine or maintaining a beautiful mane. Today, we live beyond the definition of pollution being dust and dirt. It now consists of toxic fumes, chemical waste, smoke, and soot among other harmful things. When pollution has depleted the Ozone layer, imagine what it must do to delicate skin and fine hair?

The Pollu-fight range is a pioneer product from Kronokare, which forms a polysaccharide matrix (protective screen) over face or hair and stops toxic pollutant particles from penetrating skin pores and damaging both hair and skin. Both the Pollu-Fight skincare, and Pollu-Fight haircare, have their own working mechanisms, suitable for overall flawlessness.

Pollu-Fight skincare range- Kronokare has launched their Pollu-Fight skincare range with an objective to be on skin’s side and solve terrible pollution woes. ThePollu-Fight skincare range enables skin to defend against toxins. It’s not possible to live in a pollution-free vacuum and stop living and working. The Pollu-Fight skincare range empowers users with protection from the toxic contamination, and have a supple, glowing, and healthy skin. It is completely free of sulphate, mineral oil, silicone, paraben, and even fragrance, Kronakare has made the blend of these two pure, chemical-free, active ingredients to create the range. The Pollu-Fight skincare range is also non-comedogenic, non-irritant, and suitable for all skin types and conditions as well as enhanced with botanical extracts, nutritive oils, and vitamins.

Pollu-Fight haircare range- A healthy scalp and lustrous hair is everyone’s deepest desire. Pollu-Fight haircare range has been created by Kronokare with a view to equipping patrons to realize that wish. It contains the benefit of natural components that not only heal all kinds of scalp and hair problems but also help in acquiring nourished and glossy hair. Pollu-Stop creates a transparent and natural shield against pollution and dramatically decreases the particles encrustations on the hair. Your hair cells immediately get protected with an invisible film of glucose that prevents the pollutants from damaging it. Enriched with active vitamins and essential nutrients, Pollu-Stop also nourishes, soothes and restructure the hair fibres, leaving the hair shiny, hydrated and with a unique soft touch. Your hair is protected and gain strength.

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